Abracadaver was once a magician (Al Lusion) who performed a magic act in Townsville's old magic theater and was the mayor's role model, but then one night, he asked a little girl (who resembles Blossom) to come on stage and he made her teddy bear disappear into thin air. The girl was so sad that she accidentally pantsed him and exposed all his tricks. He panicked and fell into a coffin with spikes and was killed, much to the horror of the crowd. His coffin was never moved from the theater which was abandoned soon after.

Abracadaver came back as a zombie after a wrecking ball accidentally opened the coffin during the old theater's demolition as ordered by the Mayor, until the girls came in to fight him. In the fight, he mistakes Blossom for the young girl who was indirectly responsible for his death. He used his magic to hypnotize her and perform a rolled up sleeve trick on her to ensnare her before he put her in the path of the coffin the killed him before sending the powerpuff inside. At first, it seemed that Blossom had died at the magician's hands, but Blossom survived and managed to lock him again.

Abracadaver was voiced by Frank Welker.


  • His former name Al Lusion is a pun of "allusion" while his new name is a pun on "abracadabra" and "cadaver", which refers to a corpse.
  • He can be spotted briefly during the opening sequence.

abracadaver can be seen on the bottom right.


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