Allegro is a panda capable of causing the people of Townsville to go into a stupor of pure happiness. His exact origins are unknown.

He is voiced by Eric Bauza.



He is a black and white panda with eyes that are colors blue, yellow and orange. His paws and ears have a design of pink heart shapes.


  • Parties
  • Making people happy
  • Twerking
  • Giving Hugs


  • Work
  • Introspection


  • His high pitched voice and demon like powers are similar to HIM.
  • He bears (no pun intended) a resemblance to Panda from We Bare Bears, another Cartoon Network show.
  • Out of all the villains in the reboot, Allegro is considered the worst of them by fans, most likely due to the twerking joke.
  • In Turkish dub, Allegro is voiced by Tugay Erverdi who also dubbed HIM in the Turkish dub of PPG (1998 TV Series) and did the same dub for Benson in the 2nd Season of Regular Show.


Allegro can make people fall in a happy trance, summoning multiple lobster minions, and limited reality manipulation.


He is very fragile and can be broken if injured hard.

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