(Opening shot: the city skyline during the day.)

Narrator: The city of Townsville! (The daytime background fades to a nighttime background.) At night!

(Cut to a dumpster and uninhabited building with one street light shining on the mess.)

Narrator: (hopeless tone) Even this lovely, peaceful city turns cold and spooky at night.

(Dissolve a street in the center of two rows of buildings and lit lampposts shining lights onto the street.)

Narrator: Lonely, haunting.

(Dissolve to a lit alley way in between to large buildings in the shadows.)

Narrator: With only shadow and silence for company.

(Dissolve to a street underneath a bridge with two lit lampposts and flickering caution signals.)

Narrator: A perfect place for the criminal element to fester and grow unchecked.

(Cut to a low angle of a group of high rise buildings.)

Narrator: Spreading terror and despair to all.

(Pan quickly to right after a long pause.)

Narrator: (cheerful and hopeful tone) But not with the Powerpuff Girls on patrol! (The girls fly through the skyline and fly o.c.) Oh yeah!

(Cut to the three girls flying through the city.)

Buttercup: (disappointed) Oh, brother! Yet another uneventful night.

Blossom: You should be thankful.

Bubbles: Yeah! Would you rather have a giant monster smashing the city?

Buttercup: At least we'd get some excitement. Night after night with nothing. I'm bored out of my mind!

Bubbles: (gloating while Blossom nods) Be careful what you wish for!

Buttercup: Oh, I'm wishing.

Blossom: (noticing and pointing to something below) Hey, look!

(Cut to an aerial view of the girls in the foreground looking below at five silhouettes underneath a lit street light. Cut to a closer high angle and the silhouettes are revealed to be the Gangreen Gang.)

Bubbles: (from o.c) The Gangreen Gang? (Cut to the girls and Bubbles pointing to Buttercup.) You wished for them?

Buttercup: (defensive) No!

Bubbles: I thought you were over them.

(A brief pause while Buttercup looks annoyed at Bubbles).

Buttercup: (bitter) Why you gotta bring up old stuff?

(Cut to a close-up of Blossom appearing to be thinking about deciding what to do about the Gangreen Gang.)

(Cut to an aerial view of the girls in the foreground and the silhouettes of the gang.)

Buttercup: (facing her sisters) Who cares? Let's trash 'em! (Begins to fly down to them.)

(Cut to a close-up of Blossom.)

Blossom: (Stopping her sisters) Uh, hold up, girls. (Cut to all of the girls with Buttercup slowly floating backwards back to where her sisters were.) They're not even a criminal element, just a nuisance.

Buttercup: Yeah, they're probably just down there making fart noises or something.

(Cut to a closer high angle of the gang.)

Blossom: (from o.c.) Or scrounging for quarters to play outdated video games in mini-marts (Cut to a close-up of Blossom.) 'cause they're too lazy to get a job. Total losers.

(A crash followed by an alarm is heard from o.c. and cut to a medium shot of Blossom.)

Blossom: You hear that? (Bubbles and Buttercup fly into the shot.) Come on, girls. We've got real trouble to tend to! (The girls fly o.c.)

(Cut to a low angle of Ace under a street light flipping a quarter while in the background, the girls fly to investigate the crash. (Cut to a close-up of Ace's hand flipping the quarter, then stopping and closing his hand on the quarter tightly. Cut to an extreme close-up of Ace.)

Ace: (slight hushed tone) It's on!

(Cut to a low angle of the flickering street light. Cut to a high angle of the whole gang under the flickering street light with Ace flipping the quarter again. The street light turns off and the screen goes black. The flickering light comes back on and the gang has vanished. Cut to the exterior of Townsville Hall. From o.c., the gang run into the shot, then o.c. Cut to a long shot view of the gang running towards the viewer. Cut to part of the Townsville Hall courtyard. Ace runs into the shot and points to the left. Billy runs on screen and Arturo follows him. Billy lowers his arms to the ground and Arturo jumps onto his hands. Then, Billy tosses Arturo in the air. Cut to a low angle of Townsville Hall with Arturo flying up along the extertior of the building. Cut to Arturo landing on the top most part of the building. He takes out a laser, cuts a hole in the building, goes inside, and closes the hole.)

(Cut to Ace looking up at where Arturo was. He, then, turns and sets his watch. Cut to a close-up of the watch with the timer on. Cut to Ace looking at his watch. He holds up his finger, and after a few seconds gives the rest of the gang the signal to proceed. Then, he leaves o.c. and Snake, Grubber, and Billy follow. Cut to inside the air vents where Arturo from o.c. crawls down one air duct, then turns and crawls into another air duct. Cut to behind Arturo as he's crawling and he turns down another air duct.)

Cut to outside the Security Access room in Townsville hall. Pan quickly downward to Ace running from o.c. and sitting against the wall. He looks at his watch and Billy comes into the shot. Then, snake peers into the shot. Cut to a close up of the door nob. Billy puts a small device with a red light near the door nob. Cut to close-ups of Billy and Snake with the Snake ready to press a button. Cut to a slow pan of Ace looking at his watch as he hold up his finger.)

(Cut to inside the air vents where Arturo from o.c. crawls down and stops in front of an opening below him. Cut to a view of the security screens. Pan down and to the right to a security guard on the computer with a cup of coffee. Cut to behind the guard on the computer. Cut to behind Arturo in the air vents. Cut to a close-up of Arturo holding up a red ball. Zoom in onto the red ball and it reads "nap time." Cut to a close-up of Arturo holding up the red ball as he drops it through the air vent. Cut to the guard on the computer. The red ball falls from o.c. into the cup of coffee. The guard takes a sip of the coffee and falls asleep.)

(Cut to Ace looking at his watch as he stops the timer. Cut to Billy and Snake where Snake presses the button. Cut to a close-up of the nob and the small red light turns green. Billy's arm from o.c. appears and opens the door. Cut to the security screen monitors showing the gang running through the building. Pan down to the security guard. Ace from o.c. runs past the security guard, then runs o.c. with Snake following behind. Billy stops where the security guard is, grabs the security guard by the hand and follows Ace and Snake o.c. Grubber appears from o.c. and jumps behind the security desk. Cut to a close-up of a "stop" button and an "eject" button. Grubber's finger presses "stop", then presses "eject." Cut to Grubber and the security monitors as they going blank with the tapes ejected. Cut to outside the Mayor's office. Pan down to a hand identification detector. Billy's arm from o.c. places the security guard's hand on to the detector. It scans the hand and it is approved.

Security System: Officer's deck verified.

(Cut to inside the Mayor's. The doors to the office fly open and Ace runs in. Cut to a profile shot of Ace running, then leaves o.c. Cut to a close-up of the Mayor's "Candy Cane" Collection.)

Narrator: Not the Mayor's Candy Cane collection!

(Zoom into the clear doors to the collection. The doors open and Ace's arm coming form o.c. grabs a yellow and blue scepter. Cut to the security room where Grubber leaves o.c. with the security tapes, Ace leaves with the scepter, and Billy sets the sleeping security guard back in his chair before he leaves.)

(Dissolve to the exterior of the Townsville Dump with all five of the gang running towards it with the scepter. Cut to a large cave inside the dump. The five guys run towards it. Cut to inside the cave. The gang enters the cave and slows down as they approach a figure sitting in what appears to be a throne wearing red and black.)

Ace: (holding up the scepter) Success!

(All five guys bow in front of the figure.)

Figure wearing red and black: (only partially shown and facing the gang) Hmm... I see. My boys have done well. (Figure stands up.)

(Cut to a close-up of the gang still bowing.)

Ace: Thanks to your training, my queen.

Figure: (Takes Scepter from Ace). Indeed. The mystic scepter of Cleopatra! With this I shall rule!

(Gang looks up at the figure and all of them agree that she is queen and ruler. Cut to part of the figure's right leg as she slams the scepter to the ground like a judge using a gavel.)

Figure: Quiet!

(Cut to the gang groveling at her feet.)

Ace: Ooh..We beg your forgiveness!

Arturo: Excuse us.

Snake: Sssorry.

Billy: Uh, do it again!

(The figure sighs.)

Figure: Now! (Cut to show figure from the shoulders down.) With the first part of my plan complete, (Pan up to show part of her chin.) it will soon be time to exact my revenge on the Powerpuff Girls ... (Quickly pan up to show her pointing to her bald head.) ... for doing THIS to me! Me!

Narrator: Sedusa?!

(Fade to a flashback of the episode "Something's a Ms." Sedusa is wet and standing in front of a broken window looking nervous at what's in front of her.

Sedusa: (Cut to a shot of each of the girls glaring at her as she nervously says their name from o.c.) Blossom? Buttercup? Bubbles? Bellum?! (Ms. Bellum takes out a pair of scissors.)

(Cut to Sedusa in front of the window.)

Sedusa: No! Not that! (Groveling) Please! Anything but that!

(Cut to a close-up of Ms. Bellum's scissors getting ready to cut. Then, cut to the exterior of Ms. Bellum's house showing the silhouettes of the girls, Ms. Bellum, and Sedusa, who is still on her knees groveling and begging them not to cut her hair. Pan right to show Ms. Bellum's pool in the foreground and the Townsville skyline in the background.)

Sedusa: NOOO!

(Fade back to the current episode with Sedusa pointing at her bald head.)

Narrator: Okay, that explains everything.

(Cut to a close-up of the gang.)

Ace: Oh! But you look hot!

Billy: Yeah!

Arturo: You fine, girl!

Snake: It doesssn't really ssshow.

(Cut to Sedusa facing the gang.)

Sedusa: My lovely boy band is so sweet!

Ace:(With the rest of the gang acting bashfully.) You are too kind, your queenyness!

(Cut to only Sedusa.)

Sedusa: But now, you all must rest, for tomorrow is a big night! I will be one step closer to destroying the Powerpuff Girls ...

(Cut to the gang.)

Sedusa: (from o.c.) ... and you boys will be one step closer to your reward.

(The gang melts into a puddle of green liquid. Screen fades to black then fades to show the exterior of Townsville Hall the next day. Cut to inside the Mayor's office with the Mayor and Ms. Bellum.)

Mayor: So girls, What happened? Who stole my candy cane?

Ms. Bellum: (sighs) It's a rare Egyptian scepter.

Mayor: (confused) But ... what?

Ms. Bellum: It's a scepter. You're the one who thinks it's a candy cane.

Mayor: (contemplating) It tastes so sweet ...

(Cut to Bubbles.)

Bubbles: We've been all over and there's no clues! Nothing! A perfect heist!

(Pan right to Blossom.)

Blossom: (reasoning) I can't figure it out. Who would want that scepter and why?

(Cut to Buttercup and the security guard sitting with apparently the same cup of coffee from the last night.)

Buttercup: I'm telling you it was an inside job and he did it! (Points to security guard.)

Security Guard: (Turning to Buttercup.) What? Why would I steal it, little girl?

(Zoom out to show all the girls, the security guard, the Mayor and Ms. Bellum.)

Blossom: (to security guard) Why don't you take us through it one more time?

Security Guard: (sighs) I was at my station, as always. (turns to Buttercup to emphasize) Working!

Buttercup: Hey, whatever, pal!

(Security Guard turns to pick up his coffee.)

Security Guard: I took a sip of my coffee ...(takes sip of coffee and falls asleep.)

Mayor: Wow! That's crazy!

Buttercup: I still say he's faking it.

(Cut to a close-up of the Mayor.)

Mayor: (confused) But what does it mean?

(Cut to a further away shot of the Mayor and part of Ms. Bellum. Blossom flies in the shot from o.c.)

Blossom: It means that whoever did this is totally on the ball!

(Bubbles flies from o.c.)

Bubbles: And they'll strike again ... tonight!

(Buttercup flies from o.c.)

Buttercup: And that's when we'll catch 'em!

(Cut to a close-up of Blossom.)

Blossom: Don't worry, Mayor. We'll get your scepter back! Come on!

(Cut to show all three girls fly up o.c. out of the Mayors office.)

Mayor: Oooh! Yeah! Go get 'em, girls! (Reaches for the cup that the security guard drank out of.) Time for a nap. (Drinks from cup and falls asleep.)

(Slide to show the girls flying through the sky at night.)

Blossom: Okay, girls. Keep those eyes peeled. You know they're out here somewhere.

Bubbles: (pointing below) Hey! Look at that!

(Cut to an aerial view of the Gangreen Gang walking in the streets. Cut back to the girls.)

Buttercup: Ugh, probably looking for more home decor ideas in the dumpsters.

(All three girls laugh.)

Blossom: Come on, girls. We have bigger fish to fry!

(The girls fly o.c. Cut to the gang walking towards the store, Z Diamonds. Cut to the girls flying through the sky. Then, cut to the sewer where the gang is standing while Snake, using a power saw, cuts a hole at the top of the sewer line, which leads to the jewelry store's pipe lines. Cut to a close up of Snake finishing cutting the hole. Billy's hand comes from o.c. and removes the excess cement from the hole. Cut to a close-up of Arturo laughing before Billy's arm reaches from o.c. He picks up Arturo and puts him through the hole. Cut to Arturo climbing through the store's pipe lines. Then, cut to Arturo using a laser to cut a hole through the wall. Cut to outside Z Diamonds. Then zoom through the store and on to an amulet with two snake heads. The wall behind the amulet is cut, leaving a giant hole. Arturo grabs the amulet and closes the hole.)

(Dissolve to a close-up on the amulet on Sedusa.)

Sedusa: (partially shown and pointing at the amulet) Isn't it lovely? (The amulet shines.)

(Zoom out to show Sedusa fully in the shot.)

Sedusa: (holding the amulet) Especially on me. Don't you think?

(Cut to a close-up of the gang.)

Ace: Yeah! Oh, you look good!

Snake: Oh, yesss.

Arturo: So good.

Billy: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

(Cut to close-up of Sedusa.)

Sedusa: You boys have done so well.

(The gang gushes bashfully. Cut to show Sedusa facing the gang.)

Sedusa: And now with Cleopatra's mystic amulet and scepter in my possession, there is but one item left to retrieve. (Cut to a close-up of Sedusa.) But, this time, make sure the Powerpuff Girls not only see you, but follow you back here.

(Cut to a close-up of the gang kneeling at her feet.)

Ace: But...but, my queen, we're so good at stealing for you now, why get busted?

(Cut back to a close-up of Sedusa.)

Sedusa: Oh, little sweethearts, don't worry. With the last item in hand... (She gets up from her throne.)

(Cut to a extreme close-up profile of Ace.)

Sedusa: (from o.c.) I'll be ready to exact my vengeance! (her finger touches Ace's nose and he now has a love-struck look on his face.)

Ace: Ooohhhhooo!

(Cut back to a close-up of Sedusa.)

Sedusa: And with the Powerpuff Girls out of the way ...

(Cut back to a close-up of the gang.)

Sedusa: (from o.c.) ... you boys will be one step closer to your reward.

(Arturo and Billy gush. Cut back to a close-up of Sedusa, then fade to black.)

(Fade in to the exterior of Z Diamonds the next day. Cut to inside the store where police are investigating the crime scene. Zoom down to the girls facing the crime scene.)

Blossom: This is crazy! (Cut to close-ups of all three girls.) Another perfect job. No clues left behind. Nothing.

Bubbles: Except another Egyptian artifact stolen.

Buttercup: Chances are they try for another artifact tonight.

Blossom: That's it! (Zoom in a little closer on Blossom.) And I know just the place!

(Fade to the exterior of Townsville Museum at night.)

Bubbles: (from o.c.) The museum?

(Cut to the museum in the background with the girls in the foreground. They are watching the museum from the top of a near by building.)

Blossom: Yeah!

Buttercup: Oh, I get it. (Cut to a close-up of Buttercup.) Where else can you find a bunch of old Egyptian stuff waiting to be stolen?

(Cut to a close-up of Blossom with Bubbles in the background.)

Blossom: Bingo!

Bubbles: (noticing something from below) Hey! (Cut to Bubbles looking below. Her mouth is blocked by the edge of the building, revealing only her eyes.) I got a visual! Bogies, eight o' clock!

(Bubbles points and Blossom and Buttercup come over from o.c. Their mouths are being blocked by the edge of the building as well, with only their eyes revealed.)

Buttercup: (annoyed and to Bubbles) You know, "look over there" works just fine.

Bubbles: You have your way, I have mine!

(Cut to the streets below. The Gangreen Gang is coming from o.c. and carrying rope.)

Blossom: (from o.c.) What the? The Gangreen Gang? (Cut to a close-up of the gang walking and then stopping.) What are they doing here?

Buttercup: (from o.c.) That's the third night in a row.

Bubbles: (from o.c.) What's with the rope?

(Ace points o.c.)

All three girls: (from o.c.) Huh?

(The gang runs o.c. Cut back to the girls revealing only their eyes from the building above.)

Bubbles: What are they doing?

(Cut to the exterior of Townsville Museum. The gang comes from o.c. and start swinging their ropes. Cut to the girls on the building now revealing only their heads.)

Buttercup: No way!

Blossom: (standing up) You've got to be kidding me!

(Cut to inside the museum's glass sphere at the top of the building. The ropes from o.c. stick to the glass by circular rubber ends. Cut to the gang climbing up the exterior of the building using the ropes. Cut to the girls on the building.)

Buttercup: It was them, the whole time?!

Blossom: Let's wait and make sure.

(Cut to inside the museum's glass sphere again. The gang jumps from o.c. onto the ledge outside the sphere. The glass on the lowest part of the sphere opens and Ace jumps in the building. Cut to inside the building showing two security guards in the foreground who are not paying attention to their job. In the background, one by one, the gang swings from o.c. using their ropes, and then swing o.c.)

Security guard #1: (while the gang is swinging in the background) Who would win in a fight? Mega Man or Mondo Dude?

Security guard #2: (still with the gang swinging in the background) Uh...Mega Man. Totally.

(Cut to the other side of the sphere. Ace lands from o.c. with Grubber and Snake following him. Then, the three of them catch Billy, who is holding Arturo in one hand. They give Billy a boost and cut to a close-up of Billy lifting Arturo o.c. Cut to Arturo breaking through the ceiling, then to a close-up of Arturo looking o.c. Cut to a close up of a tiara with a snake in the center of it and the pedestal it rests on with the sign "Cleopatra's Tiara." Arturo's arm comes from o.c., swipes the tiara and leaves o.c. Cut to Arturo standing with the tiara over the hole he made. He jumps into the hole. Zoom out to show security guards keeping watch, not noticing the theft. Cut to down to inside the sphere. Arturo jumps into Billy's hands with the tiara while Ace faces them in the foreground. Arturo hands the tiara to Ace.Cut to a close-up of Ace taking the tiara. He raises an eyebrow then leaves o.c. very fast.

(Cut to the girls at the top of the near by building.)

Bubbles: Here they come!

(Cut to outside the museum where the gang jumps and flips in the air while landing outside the front of the museum. The gang runs o.c.)

(Cut to only part of Ace shown as he runs with the tiara.)

Bubbles: (from o.c.) An Egyptian tiara!

(Cut to the girls on the building.)

Buttercup: There you go! We blew it! It was them all along! We're idiots.

Bubbles: Let's get 'em!

Blossom: Not yet. Something's amiss here. And we're going to find out what!

(The girls fly up o.c. Fade to black.)

(Cut to the exterior of the Townsville Dump. The silhouettes of the gang can be seen going into the cave in the center of the dump. The girls appear into the shot in the foreground, facing the dump. Cut to inside the dump with the entrance to the cave visible and a sign that says "Keep Out" next to it. The girls fly from o.c. next to the entrance of the cave.)

(Sedusa's maniacal laugh can be heard from outside the cave.)

Blossom: (to her sisters and pointing at the cave) Shhh! That laugh...

(Cut to inside the cave where Ace is partially shown holding the tiara above his head while Sedusa laughs evilly o.c. She takes the tiara from Ace. Cut to Sedusa standing in front of her throne with all three artifacts.)

Sedusa: Now, I will rule all!

(Sedusa puts the tiara on her head and all of the artifacts glow. Sedusa continues to cackle maniacally.Cut to a close-up of Ace with Snake and Billy in the background. Looking happily at their queen. Cut back to a close-up of Sedusa. As she continues to cackle, her hair grows back. Zoom out a little on Sedusa to show more of her locks. Cut to a close-up of Ace.)

Ace: It's...beautiful!

(Cut to Sedusa in the background still cackling and one of her locks moving slowly to the foreground. As it gets closer, it's revealed to be a snake-head. Then snake-head hisses. Cut back to a close-up of Ace.)

Ace: (shocked with his hands to his face) Wooooaaahh!!! (he laughs in amazement) That is awesome!

(Cut to a close-up of Snake looking happily at the snake-heads. Then, cut to Sedusa still cackling. She starts to grow in size. Cut to her high heel as she continues to grow in size. Cut to the girls peering into the cave.)

All three girls: Holy cow!

(Flash to outside the cave where Sedusa, still cackling, continues to grow until she is a giant. Cut to the girls on the ground.)

Buttercup: Sedusa! That explains everything!

Blossom: And she's got snakes for hair!

Bubbles: (slightly nonchalant) Asps. Very dangerous.

(The gang run from o.c. past the girls and then run o.c. Cut to the gang bowing at Sedusa's feet as she starts to use her new powers.Cut to the girls again.)

Buttercup: Ugh, typical guys. See some curves, turn into gibbering idiots! (She crosses her arms)

(Her sisters stare at her.)

Buttercup: (after a short pause) Not like I care!

(Cut to an aerial view of the gang asking Sedusa for the reward she promised them. Cut to a close-up of Sedusa turning her head to look at the gang.)

Sedusa: Oh, my sweet boys ... you PATHETIC fools!!! You served your purpose, now SCRAM!!!

(Cut to the gang looking shocked at Sedusa.)

Ace: (quivering and shocked) But...mommy loves us! She loves us!

(Cut to Sedusa looking down at the gang.)

Sedusa: Ha! You're nothing to me! I used you like the losers you are. I never loved you. I got what I wanted, now I'm gone, baby! AND SO ARE YOU!!! (She kicks them)

(Cut to a green mud puddle in the dump. One by one, the gang falls in. Cut to the girls.)

Blossom: Come on! Let's take her down!

(The girls fly o.c.)

All three girls: (charging at Sedusa) Yaaahhh! Yah!

(Cut to Sedusa destroying the city. She turns around.)

Sedusa: Ah! There you are.

(She aims her scepter at the girls. Cut to the girls being zapped by the scepter. Cut to show the giant Sedusa and the girls.)

Sedusa: Batter up! (She swings her scepter at the girls)

(Cut to the building where the girls have landed. They fly out and o.c. Cut to Sedusa destroying the city while the girls use their powers to try to stop her. Cut to a close-up of Sedusa.)

Sedusa: (laughs) Your powers are nothing compared to mine!

(Cut to a snake-head zapping Blossom. Then, cut to Sedusa looking angrily o.c. and using her scepter. The scepter zaps Bubbles. Cut to Buttercup charging at the giantess.

Buttercup: I'm still gonna take you down!!!

(Cut to Sedusa looking o.c. She punches Buttercup as she charges. Cut to Sedusa again.)


(She gets ready to step o.c. Cut to Bubbles whimpering on the ground. Sedusa's high heel steps on Bubbles. Cut to Blossom trying to find the strength to get up. The scepter comes from o.c. and hits Blossom. Cut to show Sedusa using the scepter to hit Blossom again and again. Cut to Buttercup getting up from a hole in a building when something grabs her attention. Cut to Sedusa using her amulet to zap o.c. Cut to Buttercup getting zapped, then to the exterior of the building to show an explosion. Cut to Sedusa with her snake-heads.)

Sedusa: (to her snake-heads) Destroy! Destroy everything, my pretties!!

(Cut to show one snake-head zapping. Then cut to show another snake-head zapping. Cut to a snake-head zapping and creating an explosion. Cut to a snake-head zapping the streets. Cut to four Snake heads zapping and creating a larger explosion. Cut to a close-up of Sedusa using her scepter to zap o.c. Cut to show the city and the huge explosion. Cut to Sedusa to show her and her snake-heads zapping everything. She zaps o.c. again and another huge explosion occurs in the city. Cut to a snake-head zapping, then to another snake-head zapping. Cut to the streets being zapped from o.c. Another huge explosion occurs. Cut to four snake-heads zapping the streets, then to Sedusa and her snake-heads zapping everything. The girls fly towards her from o.c.)

(Cut to a close-up of the girls flying.)

Buttercup: She's totally beating us!

Bubbles: Yeah! She's bad!

(Cut to a close-up of Blossom.)

Blossom: MEGA BLAST!!!

(Cut to the girls flying up. Each girl zaps a beam from her arm and the three beams come together to make one giant beam.)

All Three Girls: (as they do the move) Heeeee yaaaaahhh!!!

(Cut to Sedusa in the background as the beam comes from o.c. into the foreground. Cut to a close-up of Sedusa's amulet which absorbs the beam. Cut to the girls looking o.c. They look shocked.)

Blossom: What the?

(Cut to a close-up of Sedusa. Zoom out to show her pointing her scepter. The snake-heads zap in the direction of the scepter. Cut to the girls getting zapped by all the snake-heads, then to the girls falling to the ground. Each girl bounces o.c. in a different direction.)

(Cut to a cloud of smoke. Blossom gets up from o.c. now in front of the smoke.)

Blossom: Is there no way to stop this chick?!

Ace: (from o.c.) There's one.

(The smoke starts to fade and Blossom's attention is now caught. She turns around to face the gang and steps o.c. which shows the devastated Gangreen Gang.)

Ace: (while he comforts Billy) The tiara. It is the key. (Billy starts to cry. Zoom in slowly on Ace.) The one item that allows all the work. Without it, the other items are useless, including the tiara itself. It's all about the Tiara.

Billy: IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT THE TIARA!! (Billy continues to cry)

(Cut to a close-up of Blossom looking o.c.)

Blossom: (surprised) Thanks...guys. (She gets ready to fly.)

Ace: (from o.c.) Blossom?

(Blossom looks o.c. Cut to an extreme close-up of Ace.)

Ace: Bring her down for US!

(Cut to a close-up of Blossom looking confidently o.c. She flies up o.c.)

(Cut to Sedusa and her snake-heads destroying everything. Cut to a close-up of the girls flying.)

Blossom: Distract her, girls!

(Buttercup and Bubbles fly o.c. Zoom in on Blossom. Cut to Sedusa as Bubbles and Buttercup fly past her and zap her. Sedusa turns and notices them.)

Sedusa: Ha! More flies! This time I FINISH YOU!!!

(Her snake-heads stretch o.c. Cut to the night sky. Bubbles and Buttercup fly up from o.c. with the snake-heads behind them. Cut to Bubbles and Buttercup trying to out-fly the snake-heads. The snake-heads hiss as they get closer. Cut back to Sedusa looking o.c. confidently. Then, Blossom flies from o.c., grabs the tiara and flies o.c. Suddenly, Sedusa's snake-heads are gone. Cut to Bubbles and Buttercup trying to out-fly the snake-heads. As the snake-heads vanish, they look behind them proudly.)

(Cut to a close-up of Sedusa. Zoom down to follow her as she shrinks. She is now balancing on a long plank that extends from one edge of the mud pool that the gang fell in to the other edge. Cut to a close-up of Sedusa trying not to fall in the mud.)

Sedusa: (trying not to fall) Waaahhh! Boys? Boys, help me.

(Cut to show Sedusa in the foreground facing the gang with the girls floating above them on the other side of the mud pool.)

Sedusa: Mommy loves you. This time ... we rule together!

(Cut to a close-up of Ace with Snake in the background.)

Sedusa: (from o.c.) No lie! I mean it, really!

(As Ace looks o.c., a tear comes down his right cheek. A faint tear also comes down Snake's right cheek. Cut to the girls. Each girl is holding one artifact.)

Blossom: (gloating) Gee, bet you wish you still had these! Don't ya, COW!!

(Cut to a close-up of Sedusa looking angrily up o.c. She turns to look eye level o.c.)

Sedusa: I'll make all your dreams come true! Come on! What do ya say?

(Cut to an extreme close-up of Ace with tears running down his right cheek.)

Ace: Fool me once ... shame on you. (The tears stop.) But fool me twice?

(Cut to Sedusa looking shocked. Then, cut to the whole gang in the background and Sedusa's leg in the foreground.)

Ace: (after a short pause) No thanks!! (He kicks the plank that she was on, causing her to fall in the mud.)

(Cut to Ace with the girls floating above him.)

Ace: She's all yours, girls! (He flips up a quarter) Come on, guys. Let's hit some video games at the mini mart.

(Ace leaves o.c. and the rest of the gang follows him. Cut to Sedusa on her butt in the mud.)

Sedusa: (whining) Aaaaaauuuuuuuggggghhhhh!!!

(Cut to the girls with the artifacts looking o.c. victoriously.)

Sedusa: (from o.c.) I will return!!

(The girls fly up o.c. Cut to Sedusa whining in the mud again. Zoom in on her as she whines.)

Sedusa: I'll have my vengeance, YOU'LL SEE!!! I will return again!!! (slightly imitating the Terminator) I'll be back!!!

Narrator: Oh, no you won't, sister!

(The background behind Sedusa dissolves into the inside of a jail cell. Medal bars slide in front of her.)

Narrator: 'Cause you're in jail! Ha Ha!

(Zoom out to show that Sedusa is in a jail cell.)

Bubbles: (from o.c.) All's well that ends well!

(Pan down to show all three girls with the mayor.)

Buttercup: Sedusa's in jail!

Blossom: And all the artifacts are back in place!

(Cut to a close-up of the mayor.)

Mayor: (holds up the scepter) And I got my candy cane back!

Narrator: (as Mayor licks the scepter) Yes indeed! And so, once again, the day is saved...

(The background for the end shot comes up and the girls appear in their usual pose.)

Narrator: ...thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!

(The girls zoom out to the top left of the screen and the Gangreen Gang appears.)

Narrator: And the Gangreen Gang!

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