Powerpuff Puppybots

Attack of the Puppybots is a free-to-play game on Cartoon Network.


Mojo Jojo has kidnapped all the dogs in Townsville and turned them into robots to fortify his evil robot army. The girls fly into action, determined to stop this evil mastermind once again!


Up, Down, Right, and Left arrows: Movement

X: Switch Characters

Space Bar: Attack

Special Move

Ice Breath: Blossom breathes ice at enemies.

Super Sonic Voice: Bubbles screams using her Super Sonic voice.

Fast Strike: Buttercup charges up and delivers 3 hits to enemies.


Fire Monster - This is the first boss of the game. He is in level 1. You can best defeat him by using Blossom's Ice Breath.

Glass Monster - Glass Monster is the second boss of the game. He is in level 2. You can best defeat him with Bubbles's super sonic screams.

Rock Monster - Rock Monster is the third boss of the game. He is in level 3. You fan best defeat him with Buttercup's punches and kicks.

Mojo Jojo - Mojo Jojo is the fourth and last boss of the game. He is in the 4th and final level of the game. He is best defeated with the flaming feline of fury or POW attack.

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