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Oppressor Plutonium

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Berserk is Blossom's opposite. She is the self-proclaimed leader of the Powerpunk Girls and was created by Oppressor Plutonium. She is the negative counterpart of Blossom.

Appearance and Personality

Berserk has long red/orange hair that is spiked slightly at the ends. She has deep red eyes, wears a hot pink polo shirt with red collar and button, a red-striped plaid pink skirt, white tights and black Mary Janes. Her ribbons are messy and stick out around her, a pair in each direction. Her color is crimson/deep red. Berserk's element is "everything nasty." She is the team leader of the Powerpunk Girls and she is sarcastic and controlling. She often instigates the fights between her sisters and takes no responsibility.


  • Berserk, together with Brat and Brute, was originally intended to appear on the television show. She and the other parallel characters instead made appearances in the comic book.