Prepare to Dye

Bianca Bikini is a female villain introduced in the The Powerpuff Girls (2016 TV series). Partnered with her brutishly strong but ever stylish sister Barbarus Bikini, this fashionista villainess aims to go on shopping sprees across Townsville without actually shopping for anything! More like stealing, even if she has to "kill for haute coture".

She was previously held with her sister at Albatros Prison Island before she escaped to Townsville and allowed her sister to escape to aid her in exacting revenge on the Powerpuff Girls.

She is voiced by Lily Vonnegut.


Bye Bye Bellum

After escaping prison, she vows to destroy the Powerpuff girls. After getting new clothes, the girls hastily hire her as the Mayor's assistant, where with her secretarial status released her sister Barbarus from Albatros Prison. They then go to kidnap the incredibly tired Powerpuff girls (after staying up all night designing their game characters) and took them to a warehouse where they planned to destroy them by dipping them in boiling hot acrylic acid. Thankfully, the Mayor comes to save them and the two sisters were sent back to prison.

Fashion Forward

After doing their time in prison, Bianca and her sister Barbarus seemingly went legit after becoming fashion designers with their new "Smoohji" line of modular scarves. It turned out however, that the smoohjis were actually mind control devices which are controlled with Bianca's selfie stick. After an enraged Professor tries to punish Blossom (brainwashed at the time) he smashes their selfie-stick and the two go back to jail.


Early concept art


Is that the Mayor? Powerpuff Girls Cartoon Network

Is that the Mayor? Powerpuff Girls Cartoon Network