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Biographical information

Professor Utonium’s house, Townsville (formerly)




Superhuman powers inherited from Chemical W


Powerpuff Girl
Defender of the Cosmos


The Powerpuff Girls

Physical description

Chemical W offspring of sugar, spice, and everything nice
Artificial Human



Hair color

Electric Blue

Eye color


Out of universe information

2016 series

First appearance

Power of Four

Voiced by

Olivia Olson

Teachers and Students



Blisstina "Bliss" Francesca Francia Mariam Alicia Utonium is the older sister of 2016 The Powerpuff Girls and the first known living creation of Professor Utonium, appearing in the 2016 Powerpuff Girls reboot. She debuted in Power of Four as the fourth Powerpuff Girl.


The birth of Bliss was years before the creation of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, her age being at least an 8 year stretch since she is a teenager and they are only 5 years old. Bliss' creation happened when Professor Utonium got into a science-off with a rival scientist, Professor Newtronium, who had just created the Perfect Little Boy solely out of artificial ingredients and can fly so Utonium attempted to do the same thing, with the only difference being the gender and to fly farther.

He added sugar, spice, and everything nice into his concoction, but accidentally added in Chemical W, giving his creation superpowers. Thus, "The Perfect Little Girl" was born, which he named "Blisstina Francesca Francia Mariam Alicia Utonium", or "Bliss" for short. Professor Utonium loved Bliss and raised her the same way he'd raised his three future girls, but it was only a matter of time before Bliss' powers started coming into play and proving their danger. Professor Utonium started to realize that whenever Bliss got excited, enraged, terrified, or upset, her feelings would mix with her powers and as her emotions ran wild, so would her superhuman abilities. Bliss would blast holes in the walls of the house and endanger the well-being of the Professor and everyone else around her.

The final straw was when she blew up the entire house, freaking out over The Professor taking too long with getting her milk for her. She was shocked and ashamed of what she did and fled the scene, going to a deserted island where she'd spend her days trying to become a better person. Professor Utonium thought she had died in the explosion. He decided that the past was in the past and he had to forget about Bliss and try again with making new super-powered girls. When he did, he decided to shelter them from any information about their previous sister, and let them enjoy the fact that they were perfectly functional creations, just like he always wanted them to be.

While she was away, she ran away to a deserted island, known as "Bird Poop Island". There, she lived out at least 8 years of her life, not needing to worry about her uncontrolled powers, since the only other people around were animals, including a tiny elephant named MIH, who befriended her and stuck with her for the majority of her time on that island. As she grew older, she's be consistently reminded of her homesickness. When she was a teenager, she decided to return to Townsville to see the professor once again.

Bliss was nervous on her road back to her home, thinking more of the destructing she left behind than the potential joy she wished to bring. Her first companion was the now existing Bubbles, who knew nothing of her backstory and just saw her as a basic friend to hang out with. When she told Blossom and Buttercup about Bliss, they assumed Bubbles was just making up another imaginary friend. Bliss would repeatedly cause the same destruction as before, only this time, her disappearances would place the blame on Bubbles. This went on for a while, until Bliss overcame her shyness, when it meant saving The Powerpuff Girls from Earth Plow.

When Bliss turned out to be true, she and Professor Utonium explained her backstory and her reasons for coming back. After getting their heads around this, The Powerpuff Girls were ecstatic to have an older sister and they introduced her to their lives. They tried teaching her about fighting crime, using superpowers, and having fun. However, the same rage issues came into play and had made no improvements. Bliss talked with MIH about her shameful inabilities, and MIH convinced her that The Professor and the girls hated her, saying that she should team up with him instead. Bliss agreed to this, but at this point, it had been revealed that "MIH" was really HIM. HIM had fused with her and absorbed her powers, and then unleashed an attack on The City of Townsville.

HIM caused chaos in Townsville, using the help of Bliss, and when The Powerpuff Girls started opposing HIM, Bliss realized how she was on the evil side. After some fighting, Bliss was not only freed, but turned back into a hero again. Then, she and her sisters teamed up to take down HIM, once and for all. After this, Bliss had finally learned how to control her powers and become a functioning member of the team. During the fight, however, HIM had used his sorcery to take the planet Saturn out of orbit and send it hurling toward Earth.

Although the planet was stopped in it's tracks, it was still far out of place, sending the cosmos out of whack. The Powerpuff Family welcomed Bliss to stay with them and become their newest advocate, but Bliss declined, saying that due to the turmoil of the solar system, she had to become a defender of the galaxy, restoring order to the cosmos, while her sisters took care of the Earth. In a tearful goodbye, just before Bliss left, her sister constructed a headband for her, with three beads on it, each once having their signature colors, so that while she was spending time in space, she'd always have a sentiment to remember them by.


Bliss lrg
Blisstina has dark skin, a purple dress, and purple eyes similar to Bunny. Unlike the other Powerpuff girls, she is a teenager, having much wider hips and longer legs. Blisstina has long neon light blue hair, with brighter blue highlights, with a darker blue outline. She often wears a blue headband with a pink heart adorned upon it.


Bliss is the same delightful bundle of joy as the other three girls. However, she doesn't quite meet the same standards of the "perfect little girl". Bliss has emotional instability, so if she feels too strongly about something, whether it be positive or negative, she will lose control of her feelings and powers and cause harm and destruction to people and things around her. Deep down, Bliss is a nice girl and she finds herself rather horrified with who she becomes in this melodramatic state, and she tries her best to avoid it. With the help of her younger sisters, she is able to do just that and become the crime-fighting hero she's always dreamed of being.

Powers & Abilities

  • Electric Generation - When Bliss is emotionally fueled enough, she generates a field of electricity. When released, this unleashes a gigantic, destructive explosion. Usually, this is caused by her rage and can be problematic if she doesn't let her feelings overpower her.
  • Telekinesis - One of Bliss' unique powers is the ability to move multiple objects through the air without coming in any physical contact with them. She discovered this in "Blisster Sister", when manipulating derby dogs. She later used these powers on The Gnat, moving his limbs, so that he would attack himself. In "Blissfully Unaware", Bliss moved objects around the kitchen, without the Professor's knowledge, so that he'd end up making a pizza instead of a broccoli souffle.
  • Fusion - Bliss has the ability to combine her entity with other beings, be they good or evil. Ideally, she and the three other girls would form into an ultimate, singular Powerpuff Girl named "Sisterhood". She fused with HIM, not knowing he was evil, but she didn't have any control over their larger creation. However, when fusing with her sisters later on, she had equal control over their ultimate entity.



  • Blossom - Bliss' younger sister. In "Blisster Sister", she wanted her to be into reading about tax codes, to be more like her, but she wasn't interested.
  • Bubbles - Bliss' younger sister and the first to know about her existence. In "Find Your Bliss", Bubbles was very friendly with Bliss and spent lots of time with her, long before the other two girls learned she wasn't imaginary. Bubbles had always been the most forgiving of Bliss' constant destruction and emotional mishaps. In "Blisster Sister", she tried to get her into riding on swan boats, to be more like her, but she wasn't interested.
  • Buttercup - Bliss' younger sister. In "Blisster Sister", she wanted her to be into rock and roll, to be more like her, but she wasn't into that.
  • Professor Utonium - Bliss' creator and so-called father. When Bliss was first created, Professor Utonium was very patient with her emotional outbursts and destruction, but Bliss was not patient with him, causing her to destroy the house and shortly after, run away. For years, Utonium had been ashamed of Bliss and was proud to forget her and ditch all memorabilia, but when she returned to her sisters, he came around and saw her as a part of the family again.


  • HIM - While on Bird Poop Island, HIM befriended Bliss in the form of a tiny elephant named MIH. After years of being her little friend, he got her to return to her sisters, and later turn against them. HIM was ultimately taken down, but his lies and manipulation of her makes him her current biggest enemy and threat.
  • Mojo Jojo - Mojo and Bliss were best friends before she ran away but was a quick enemy of Bliss' in "Bliss Reminisce", when he attempted to break her out of her force field, for the sake of unleashing her destruction upon the world. However, he tried to help her and the Powerpuff girls when they were fighting HIM.

Episode Appearances




  • Her name "Bliss" is actually short for "Blisstina", a parody on the name "Christina".
    • She also has four middle names, "Francesca", "Francia”, "Mariam" and "Alicia" in that order.
  • Bliss's introduction to the team brings a lot of "firsts" to the table. She is the first black Powerpuff girl, the first teenage Powerpuff girl, and also the first Powerpuff girl with an unnatural hair color, hers' being electric blue.
  • In "Blissfully Unaware", she said she likes pizza.

Bliss appears on the newspaper.

  • In the episode "The Bubbles-Sitters Club", a silhouette of Bliss was seen on a newspaper, before she made her debut in "Power of Four".
  • Her signature color is purple, just like that of Bunny's, another "fourth Powerpuff Girl" from an episode of the original series "Twisted Sister".
    • Also similar to Bunny, she is significantly taller and differently shaped than the standard stature of the other three girls, but not to as much of an extent. They are also both unstable, only Bliss emotionally due to years of isolation, and Bunny physically due to being made with the wrong ingredients like dirt and twigs, etc.
    • One difference between Bliss and Bunny is that Bliss was created before her sisters whereas in the original series, Bunny was created by Bliss's sisters' original 1998 counterparts. However, Bunny didn't last long, exploding in a flash of light.
  • The character is confirmed to be voiced by numerous 15 actresses in various regional airings. She is confirmed to be voiced by Olivia Olson, who played Marceline in Adventure Time and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz in Phineas and Ferb, in the American version, South African singer Toya Delazy in the African version, Australian YouTuber Wendy Ayche in the Australian and New Zealand version,[1]and British singer and Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon in the U.K. airings.[2]




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