(Opening scene: Close-up on Blossom's arms on her desk in a classroom.)

(Blossom taps the desk impatiently with her hands, kicks her legs back and forth, and jumps up and down in her seat, all while trying to contain all her excitement)

(Cut to a view of the entire part of the classroom where the students sit. Bubbles and Buttercup stare at Blossom confused, their eyes darting up and down)

Buttercup: Geez Bloss, if you gotta take a leak, just take the pass and go!

(Blossom stops bouncing, eyes reverting to normal. She turns to Buttercup)

Blossom: Buttercup, I don't have to go. (She closes her eyes again and puts her hands on her chin, smiling) I'm just excited! Today's the day Dr. Kenzington PHD is going to talk to us about the science fair!

Buttercup: Who's on the what, now?

Blossom: Dr. Kenzington PHD! He's only the biggest scientist in the entire Western Hemisphere! And he's gonna guest teach our class!