Note: Bluebelle (Song) is a conjectural name for this article; its official name has not been confirmed.

Bluebelle is a song sung by Princess Bluebelle and the Powerpuff Girls in the episode Once Upon a Townsville. In this song, Bluebelle introduces herself to the Girls, and the Girls are confused about why they're singing.


Bluebelle: You may have heard that I'm the Princess Bluebelle,

(Buttercup: Who?)

Bluebelle: The daughter of the king and queen,

(Blossom: There's no monarchy in Townsville.)

Bluebelle: Friend of the birds and trees,

I can twirl around with ease,

And I haven't cut my hair since I was three!

(Buttercup: Ew, gross.)

Blossom: Hey, guys, we really should get going home now...

Buttercup: Why are we singing?

Bubbles: I don't know...

Bluebelle: It's 'cause you're all with me,

And because I love to sing,

And it tells the creatures, "Help me do my hair!"

(Buttercup: Dude, enough!)

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