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Deja View

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Deja View

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Oppressor Plutonium

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Brat is Bubbles' opposite, the second member of The Powerpunk Girls and was created by Oppresor Plutonium. Her trademark color is deep cerulean blue. She first appears at the comic Deja View. She is also Bubbles' negative counterpart.


She has long blonde pigtails held by blue hair bows. Brat wears a blue tank top cutoff with a semi-circle neckline at the top, and a black mini-skirt. She wears 6 bangles on her arms (four blue, two yellow) and white tights with black and blue gothic boots. She is also shown wearing a pale blue cutoff shirt with a skull motif alongside a blue jacket, blue jeans, and lavender and white headphones  


Brat has a perky attitude, and is the obnoxious and rowdy one of the group. Brat is sassy, unlike Bubbles who is quiet and has a cute demeanor. One big difference between Bubbles and Brat is that, while Bubbles is the timid of her group, Brat doesn't ever cry, or show sympathy, pity, remorse or care about animals dying. Brat enjoys sassing people and being a troublemaker. She also loves shopping for the latest clothes and fashions. Her key element is salt and her color is deep cerulean blue.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Attention
  • The latest fashion
  • Being sassy
  • Being the prettiest
  • Make up
  • Shopping
  • Defeating The Powerpuff Girls
  • Perfume
  • Her sisters, Berserk and Brute
  • Her father, Oppressor Plutonium



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