Bubbles 15
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Professor Utonium's House, Townsville


Dark Bubbles


Pigtails O'Shaunnessy (by Buttercup in Professor Proofed)
Wimpy Butt (by Buttercup)
Wiener Butt (by Buttercup) Bublyn (by the Derbytantes)


Superhuman powers inherited from Chemical X




The Powerpuff Girls

Physical description

Chemical X offspring of sugar, spice, and everything nice



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Out of universe information

2016 series

First appearance

Escape from Monster Island

Created by

Craig McCracken

Voiced by

Kristen Li

Teachers and Students

Ms. Keane


"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

Bubbles is a member of The Powerpuff Girls and is known for being "Bright as a Sunny Day." She serves as the deuteragonist of the 2016 incarnation of The Powerpuff Girls.


Bubbles is shown to be bright and naive like her original counterpart, although a bit more ditzy and less intellegent.

Bubbles 2016


Her appearance differs slightly from her original counterpart, as she has bigger pig tails and visible blue hairties in her hair.
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Also, her pigtails are placed on top of her head, instead of at the sides of her head. Like her original counterpart, She wears blue dress with black horizontal stripe at her waist, white tights and black mary janes.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Video Games
  • Her sisters Buttercup and Blossom
  • All species of animals, even mythological ones; such as unicorns
  • The Sensetive Thugz
  • Frederick
  • Octi
  • Pageants
  • Singing
  • Being "the cute one"
  • Programming games
  • Art - Painting
  • Space Tow Truck


  • Villains
  • Crime
  • Buttercup and Blossom arguing
  • Injured and/or endangered animals
  • Meat loaf (allergic)
  • Not being cute
  • Pimentos (allergic)

Powers and Abilities

Like her sisters, she has the ability to fly at great speeds, fire red laser beams from her bright blue eyes, superhuman agility, enhanced endurance and superhuman strength (though she can still get her bones broken). In "Princess Buttercup" It's shown that she and Blossom can use super speed.

Blue Energy Projection

She also has the ability to make light blue-colored energy constructs of animals (such as a rabbit, bear, dolphin, or rhino) out of pure light blue energy. She can control these energized animal forms at will. Her 1998 counterpart does not possess the ability whatsoever in the original series.

Sonic Scream

Like her original 1998 counterpart she also possesses the power to emit unusually strong hypersonic blasts and ultrasonic screams from her mouth, that are capable of shattering glass, stone, concrete easily and knock opponents back.

Hypnotic Singing


She can attract a crowd of people with her irresistibly melodious and angelically hypnotic songs. According to Mojo Jojo in Tiara Trouble, she has a hypnotically irresistible singing voice similar to that of an angel which can shatter glass, stone and brick with ease.

Animal communication

Animal speech

Her other special ability is talking to and understanding the speech of animals.

Advanced Programming

In "Viral Spiral" she is revealed to be an expert at programming computer software; such as games and even hack into the internet itself.

Bubbles Coding

Laser Vision

In "Once Upon a Townsville" She was ready to fire a laser beam , but the dragon blocked it by blowing some fire on Bubbles. 

Bubbles laser

Vocal Mimicry

In "Man Up 2: Still Man-ing" she showed that she is capable of copying someone else's speaking voice.






"I'll be friends with a real life unicorn and everyone can see how wrong they were!"

"We're going to be best friends forever!"
— Bubbles in "Horn Sweet Horn."

"(After she is turned into a bee by Janitaur) Huh? I'm a bee? Yay! I'm a bee!"

"Don't worry guys, I got this. (She was ready to fire a laser beam, but the dragon blocked it by blowing some fire on her) No I don't!"


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  • In Power-Up Puff, she claimed that she has an allergic reaction to meat loaf.

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