Cheep Thrills
Season 1, Episode 24
Episode name pun on: Either from the 2013 comedy thriller film or the song by Sia "Cheap Thrills".
Cheep Thrills Title Card
Airdate: September 15, 2016
Director: Nick Jennings
Bob Boyle
Story: Hilary Florido
Vi Nguyen
Writer(s): Haley Mancini
Jake Goldman
See also
"Presidential Punchout"
"Fashion Forward"

Cheep Thrills is the twenty-fourth episode of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series. It aired in United States on Cartoon Network on September 15, 2016.


While at a park playing frisbee, Bubbles finds a furry creature out in a bush by itself. Against Blossom's wishes, she takes it home with her to raise it as a pet. But complications arise when the creature, which she named Cheepy, turns out to be a Chichillasaurus, grows big after eating something and ends up attracting an even bigger Chichillasaurus.



Ppg2016 cheepthrills endcredits

Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • The episode's name is a spoof of a song called "Cheap Thrills" made by Australian singer, Sia.
  • When Buttercup says "This is what the monster wants!", Bubbles' eyes are mistakenly colored pink.
  • The episode plot might be a possible connection from the original series episodes "Pet Feud" and "Helter Shelter".
  • This episode was aired sixteen years after "Bubblevision"/"Bought and Scold" from the classic Powerpuff Girls series.

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