Collect Her
Season 2, Episode 2-A
Episode name pun on: The word "collector"
Airdate: August 6, 1999
Director: John McIntyre and Craig McCracken
Story: Chris Savino
Writer(s): Michael Ryan and Amy Keating Rodgers
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Comic book geek Lenny Baxter is a huge Powerpuff Girls fanboy, having amassed an impressive array of Powerpuff merchandise. He comes home one day after making his latest purchase, a poseable Blossom doll, and catalogs the purchase in his computer, only to be surprised and horrified when a message pops up to notify him that his collection is complete.

Distressed, Lenny looks about his house and double-checks his entire inventory, and to his horror, he realizes that he has collected every piece of Powerpuff merchandise known to man; dolls, hand-carved furniture, deli selections, housewares, and even printed material make up his vast collection. He is still far from happy, as since collecting Powerpuff merchandise is his life, and his collection is complete, he doesn't know what else to do; it isn't enough.

His next campaign for Powerpuff-related memorabilia takes him to the Powerpuff Girls' own home, where he starts by stealing things the girls own such as Bubbles' artwork, a side of beef with which Buttercup exercises, Blossom's hair clip, Bubbles' Octi doll, and even the hotline phone. When that fails to fulfill his need to collect, he goes to the extreme and lures the girls themselves. During a patrol flight, he fakes a distress call to lead them to his apartment, where they observe the shrine he built of them. Upon his introduction to the girls, he traps them inside his "Power Packages", getting the attention of the Professor as they cry for help.

As the Professor reports to the Mayor that the girls are missing, he calls an emergency assembly of the citizens of Townsville to the town square to enlist their aid. After a quick assessment of the people, the Mayor deduces that Lenny Baxter is behind the girls' recent disappearance, causing all of Townsville to rise up against him to rescue their heroes.

The citizens' calls for justice lead them to Lenny's apartment, where a showdown between him and the Professor is imminent. However, a child comes to note a limited-edition trilingual Powerpuff doll, of which Lenny bought all. Lenny then goes on to explain that he refuses to open them, for toys are an investment to him more than they are playthings, and that opening their containers damage their collectability.

His explanation subsequently inspires the Professor to proceed with opening one of his other Powerpuff toys to provoke him into surrendering information about the girls, but as he resists, he and some other children convince him further by unwrapping Baxter's toy collection piece by piece. Tortured by what he feels has happened to the collector's value, he eventually submits and allows the Professor and the citizens to free the girls, but not after having been lectured on what it is to have true fandom. Par the course, defeated and having lost his entire collection, Baxter, as a prisoner, is then put in a larger collection... for criminals.


Buttercup: (angry) You stole my side of beef!
Bubbles: (angry) I did not! I'm a vegetarian! Besides, you took my drawing!
Blossom: (brushing her hair) Geez, is that all you two do?! Just blame one another for everything?! (puts her hairbrush down) (gets angry) Alright, which one of you took my hairclip!?



  • Many items of Powerpuff merchandise featured in the episode were later produced and sold.
  • When the Mayor is taking a "roll call" of Townsville's citizens to try and determine by process of elimination who is missing (and therefore, the girls' abductor), one of the names he calls is "Gennedy McCracken," a combination of the first name of the show's animation director (Gennedy Tartakovsky) and the last name if its creator (Craig McCracken).
  • This episode was based on the Stephen King novel, Misery, which it was adapted to a film directed by Rob Reiner and starting James Caan and Kathy Bates two years later.
  • The girls (expect for Bubbles) were creeped out by Lenny Baxter's collection of Powerpuff Girls toys, products and merchandises. It possible that neither of them know about any of these toys and merchandises that were based on them, which it would be a crime to make any merchandises based on celebrities, popular TV shows and movies without permission and approval first.
  • Although this is Lenny Baxter's first and only major appearance, he used to appear on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoon Fridays.
  • This is one of the few episodes which ends with the narrator saying his catchphrase differently: "And so, for the very first time, the day is saved, thanks to the citizens of Townsville! Collect 'em all!"
  • This is the second episode where the girls don't save the day, first being Just Another Manic Mojo.
  • This is the first episode to have the citizens of Townsville save the day. This happens again in Too Pooped to Puff.
  • Bubbles is revealed to be a vegetarian when she and Buttercup were blaming each other for who stole their stuff.
    1. Bubbles is never shown eating meat in the show besides four episodes, Child Fearing where she gave a taste to Mojo Jojo's shrimp, Reeking Havoc where she tasted Professor Utonium's Chili, Oops, I Did it Again where she eats a Sloppy Joe, and Not So Awesome Blossom where she is holding a hot dog. Her love for animals gives a natural take on Bubbles' choice to be a vegetarian.
  • Lenny Baxter can be seen in the opening sequence.