Cop Out
Season 3, Episode 5B
Episode name pun on: The term when you don't want the blame or the responsibility for something
Cop Out
Airdate: September 22, 2000
Director: Robert Alvarez and Craig McCracken
Story: Kevin Kaliher
Writer(s): Don Shank
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Cop Out is the fifth episode of Season 3. It first aired on September 22, 2000.


The City of Townsville, like many cities big and small, loves its hard-working police department. However, a problem cop, Officer Mike Brikowski, is by far the worst cop ever--while everyone else does all the work, he sleeps and eats doughnuts.

One day, there's a bank robbery and his partner, Perez, calls for back-up while he's asleep. The rest of the cops arrive to handle the situation. The Police Chief notices Mike sleeping and yells at him to wake up, but to no avail. Soon, the Powerpuff Girls show up and stop the robbery, then Mike and his partner drive away.

Mike wakes up to hear his partner tell him how the girls saved the day, but Mike says that the girls are taking all the credit from the police and also tells him to stop for his first doughnut of the day. In addition he also tells his partner that he is up for a promotion any day, even as the girls--as he claims--steal his spotlight.

Later at the Police Station, the Chief calls Mike to his office; Mike thinks that he is getting his promotion. The grim truth hits him, as the chief fires him and demands that he leave immediately; in addition to his habits of sleeping on the job, his poor work ethics, and his overall laziness, the chief goes on to say that he is "the worst, most incompetent officer he has ever known." Mike hands over his badge, sunglasses, and doughnut (he gets to keep the gun as a souvenir). Mike, in his defense, voices that the chief laid him off because he has to make cutbacks thanks to the Powerpuff Girls doing so much more work, and refuses to believe that he was fired for being lazy. He destroys a picture of the girls before leaving, much to the Chief's shock.

That night, he watches TV in his apartment when he sees the girls on the news and him being lazy. He goes into a rage and throws the TV out the window, planning on getting rid of the girls once and for all.

The next day, Mike puts his plan into action, starting with telling the Mayor that crooks are planning on taking confiscated weapons from the police warehouse and asking what to do. The Mayor suggests calling the Powerpuff Girls, to which Mike agrees. The girls arrive and he tells them where the crooks are. They go in as he warns them to be careful. But his former partner, Perez, follows him and calls the Chief to say that Mike is up to no good.

While the girls are inside, supposedly on a patrol of the police department's confiscated arms, Mike releases a gas to put them to sleep. They wake up to find themselves chained to a large metal block over a tub of acid; the chains themselves were apparently from Mojo Jojo. They ask why he is doing this and he says that the girls and their deeds are discrediting the police force in general. Even as they say that isn't true, and that the police are important to Townsville, he ignores their reasoning, silencing them when they try to convince him to stop, and lowers them into the acid. The other cops arrive to arrest Mike for his crimes. Perez tries to stop the crane, but is too late. He raises it to find out if the girls are okay; for the first time, Blossom discovers that she and her sisters are immune to corrosive acid, though it leaves little bruises.

While Mike is being taken to jail, he utters the tale of a good cop gone bad. Blossom responds by telling him that he's not a good cop gone bad, but a bad cop gone worse, much to the narrator's amusement. The narrator then tells Mike that he can't have any doughnuts in jail before using the end tag, thanking not only the girls, but also the Townsville police department.


  • Bubbles briefly sings "Love Makes The World Go Round" from the episode "Mime for a Change," and even makes reference to the concert from the episode.
  • The blonde woman at the doughnut shop resembles Femme Fatale.
    • Perhaps it is her, rehabilitating after she got out of jail.
  • Jeff Bennett does impersonations of Jack Nicholson (Brikowski), Cheech Marin (Perez), and Martin Luther King Jr. (Chief) all in the same episode.
  • There is a movie called Cop Out released 10 years after this episode aired.
  • Mike Brikowski is one of the few characters who hates The Powerpuff Girls and he was the only member of the police force hates them. He even tries to killed them because he holds them responisble for losing his job, which it's really his own fault for being a lazy, gluttonous and self-centered cop with false pride.
  • Strange that The Chief lets Brikowski keeps his gun as a "souvenior" after he fired him. In real life, a fired officer shouldn't be allows to keep his/her weapon after being fired and also because the weapon is property of the police department as well.