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DC Comics is a famous comic book publisher for various cartoons and animation, including Batman, Superman, and Teen Titans. They released many comics of The Powerpuff Girls during the show's initial run in the early 2000s.


  1. Squirrelly Burly
  2. Where did the love go?
  3. Power Play
  4. Video Maim
  5. Holy Molar
  6. Dial M for Mojo
  7. Remote Controlled
  8. Mayor, May I?
  9. Creature At Large!
  10. Rogue Clowns
  11. Shutterthug
  12. Snow Day
  13. Paranoid Puffs
  14. Going Squiggly
  15. Shore Thing!
  16. Hell Toupee; Five Green Vandals
  17. Bedcrime Story
  18. The Trouble With Bubbles
  19. Now and Zen; Mojo Dojo
  20. Bow Jest
  21. Big Fish Story
  22. My Fair Fuzzy; Brat Worst
  23. Amoeba Las Vegas
  24. The Bride of Mojo Jojo
  25. Lite Frite
  26. Scout Coup
  27. Bless This Mess
  28. Princess For A Day
  29. Helliday; Who's Afraid of the Monster In the Closet
  30. Chain of Fools; Monkey See, Monkey Dough
  31. Trick Or Beatings
  32. Jelly Jam
  33. Like It Or Lumpkins; Eenie Meanie Mini Mojo
  34. Spellbound; The Tragic Marker
  35. It's Sleazy Being Green
  36. Beauty Is Him Deep; Powerful Pretty
  37. Rock, Girls, Rock; Slayhem Mayhem
  38. To Be Or Not TV
  39. No Business Like Snow Business; Stared Straight
  40. Everything You Know About The Powerpuff Girls Is Wrong!
  41. Pizza My Heart; Absolutely Absorbing
  42. The Eyes Have It!; Knit One, Purl Doom
  43. Power Picnic
  44. Reigning Cats and Dogs
  45. Snack Sneak; Moon Over My Townsville
  46. See You Later, Narrator!; Sock It To Me
  47. Prank Rankers
  48. Drama-O-Rama 
  49. Amoeba Prime
  50. Déjà View
  51. One Lumpkins or Two?
  52. Endless Recess
  53. Oh Spray Can You Flee?
  54. Fish Fight
  55. Scream, Girls, Scream!
  56. Beast of a Feast!


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