Diamonds Are For Princess is a gamebook, the twelfth in the Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club series.


After seeing the incredible Gemjunk Diamond on display at Townsville Museum, Princess Morbucks decides she must have it for her own. She doesn't want to have to share it with all the other people in Townsville! Princess's financial assets are more than substantial enough to support any criminal plot she might hatch to steal the diamond, but she's going to need help. If she elects to hire the notorious Femme Fatale for the heist, Princess will have to watch her back for the inevitable double-cross when it comes. Femme Fatale may talk a good game about girls sticking together to preserve a unified front against gender discrimination in the world, but she'll swipe the Gemjunk Diamond for herself in a second if she thinks she can get away with it. If Princess chooses to enlist the help of the Gangreen Gang to steal the diamond, treachery may rear its ugly head even sooner than with Femme Fatale. The Gangreen Gang isn't exactly the smartest criminal outfit in Townsville though; even Princess may be capable of outwitting them, but she will have to tread carefully. She's already offered them a substantial cash sum to commit a highly illegal act, and if the law finds out about the payoff--or worse, if the Powerpuff Girls uncover the truth--Princess will soon be headed for jail. I guess there truly is no honor among thieves, at least not in Townsville.