E - Male
Name: E - Male
Gender: Male
First appearance: Members Only
Last appearance: Members Only
Episode count: 1
Voice actor: Rob Paulsen

E-Male is a Japanese superhero . He works for the Association of World Super Men where he is the fastest of the bunch. He is said to circle the globe in precisely 7 seconds.

E-Male is a superhero from Japan who is described as Japan’s perfect upgrade of man and electro-cellular micronet enhancements.

When the Powerpuff Girls wanted to join the Association of World Super Men, Major Glory put them through the initiation. Bubbles bested E-Male in a race around the world.

E-Male is later seen failing to defeat Mascumax.

Powers and abilities

E-Male has super-speed and can shoot energy beams.


  • His name is derived from E-Mail.
  • He is a parody of the Flash.