The Powerpuff Girls song
“Freedom Beef”
Freedom Beef

Freedom Beef
Song by  Professor Utonium, Powerpuff Girls
Episode See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey
Length  1:39
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"Best Day Of My Life" "You Wanna Make Us Feel Real Good"

Freedom Beef is a song sung by Professor Utonium and the The Powerpuff Girls in the episode See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey. In this song, the Professor becomes skeptical about the Gnome's plan, and encourages the girls to fight to reclaim the free will of Townsville's citizens.


Professor Utonium: Can't you see the people in the streets?
Lined like cattle, waiting for the butcher of freedom?
Sacrificing their hopes and their dreams, all their individuality, for freedom.

Do the people have to be, freedom beef?
Do the people have to be, freedom beef?
Do the people have to be, freedom beef?!
For safety on the streets?


Can't you see they're blinded by the light?
Don't you think that it's time that you fought for freedom?
Powerpuff Girls: But we don't have our powers.

Professor Utonium: Can't you see there's evil in the world?
Don't you know you're the Powerpuff Girls for freedom!?
Powerpuff Girls: So we still must have our powers.

We made a deal, did our part, and it was for peace. (Professor Utonium: Do the people have to be freedom beef?)
He broke the deal, failed his part, now we'll fight for peace. (Do the people have to be freedom beef?)
If there is bad, there'll be good, and it has to be. (Do the people have to be freedom beef?)

For power, power, power, Powerpuff Girls! (For safety on the streets.)


  • When The Powerpuff Girls and the Professor were marching at the end of the song, they were walking the same way Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory did on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays.
  • There is some disagreement over whether or not the Professor's claims are supported by what is shown in the episode, leading to an alternate interpretation in which the girls would actually be the villains of the episode, fighting for the return of evil to the world. But, what the Professor's words really mean is that the gnome did not do his part of the deal he had with the girls, and although he tried to erase evil (which he didn't after all), he himself became evil by robbing the world of its free will, which means he failed in his mission. As a result the girls now know that life consists of opposites, and that evil without the bad there is no good and therefore, had to fight to make peace between evil and good.

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