The Giant Orange Monster is a dinosaur like monster who lives in the water. And Bubbles is the one who is able to speak to him by sending him back to the water where he belongs and not Blossom or Buttercup who just argued a lot in this episode about how to defeat him. The Giant Orange Monster appears in the episodes "Three Girls and a Monster" and "Documentary". This monster was designed to look like Godzilla. It even sounds similar to Godzilla. The Giant Orange Monster was completely impervious to every attack that the girls threw at him, physically or otherwise, as well as being able to counterattack with the greatest of ease. This is one of the few monsters who have this distinct title of not being defeated by the Powerpuff Girls' physical force.


  • Many monsters that appear in the show are inspired by some original Godzilla monsters, but the giant orange monster is even more inspired by Godzilla, as it shares the same semi-realistic design that Godzilla has.