The Powerpuff Girls song
“Give Me Your Answer”
Give me your answers

Give me your answer
Song by  Powerpuff Girls
Episode See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey
Length  1:52
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"Rain" "Normal Little Girls"

Give Me Your Answer is a song sung by the Gnome in the musical episode See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey. In this song, the Gnome overhears the Powerpuff Girls' wishes for worldly peace and offers them a deal in exchange for the girls' powers.


Gnome: I heard your wishes, little girls, so here I am.
Oooh I'll solve your problems, little girls, with a wave of my hand.

The Mystic Elders gave me permission, to conjure up a sacred light!
And with my magic, mystic tricks, I`ll turn Townsville into right!

But don't ever think that this could be for free.
You've gotta give me something girls. You've gotta give something to me!

How about your life!? Girls!!
you gotta give me your life!!

Everything you stand for everything that makes you who you are.
You gotta give me your life!

All your superpowers, this is your final hour!
(Quieter) So if you want peace, give me your answer now.


If you want peace, give up your powers, now.


So if you want peace, give me your answer, now.


  • The lyrics for this song include a rule that Communist countries used: for peace and prosperity, no freedom of speech and vice versa.

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