Green Wing
Season 2, Episode 2
Episode name pun on: The British sitcom TV show, "Green Wing"
Green WingCard
Airdate: March 10, 2017
Director: Nick Jennings
Bob Boyle
Story: Julia Vickerman
Cheyenne Curtis
Writer(s): Jake Goldman
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Green Wing is the second episode (and forty-first episode overall) of Season 2 of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series. It aired on Cartoon Network on March 10, 2017.


The Professor has the girls visit a retirement home and interact with the elderly. Buttercup isn't too thrilled at doing so, but meets an old woman who claims she was a superhero from the 70's dubbed Green Wing. While initially not believing her, Buttercup finds the story to be true when she accidentally unleashes one of her old villains.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the first episode in the reboot when a Powerpuff Girl impersonates one of her sisters. In this episode, Bubbles impersontes Buttercup.
  • The Blue Genie references the legendary icon Elvis Presley.
  • This episode¬†reunites Tom Kenny and Cree Summer who were previously and currently casting in My Gym Partners a Monkey and Rolling with the Ronks!.
  • This resembles from the original series episode "Fallen Arches", when two retired elders who used to be superheroes.


  • When the Blue Genie puts all of the elders and the Professor under a cosmic dance party spell and Blossom and Bubbles come in with the cookies, Blossom says: "Hey! What are you doing?!", but it's Bubbles' voice.

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