Hide-and-Go Mojo is a gamebook; the sixth in the Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club series.


What would Mojo Jojo do? Think like Mojo Jojo, the evil monkey mastermind whose schemes are always being
foiled by the Powerpuff Girls, the super-powered protectors of the city of Townsville advanced! — Once again, Mojo's got a plan to  defeat The Powerpuff Girls. But he only has an hour to carry it out, and he's got to find the Girls first! Are t
hey at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten? Ths bank? the Major's office?

Blocking Mojo's path are assorted villains, monsters, and the friendly citizens of Townsville. Will Mojo Jojo be able to find -and triumph over- the Powerpuff Girls before time runs out? Will he once again be defeated by the Girls? Or will he -horror of horrors- end up (accidentally) saving the day? You decide!