Hota Wata

Hota Wata

Hota Wata, also known as Hota Wota, is a snow monkey who works for Mojo Jojo. However, he is also one of the many monkeys and apes that rebel against Mojo Jojo and want to rule the world for themselves. After the take over of Townsville, he built two aqua heaters that floats on water and destroyed the dam while planning to make a hole in the street. Unfortunately for him, he is sucked in the vortex. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Hota Wata demise

Hota Wata being drained down a sewer

Abilities and Traits

  • He has the ability to be immune to boiling temperatures of water and is able to swim.


  • Hota Wata is a Japanese Macaque, otherwise known as a "Snow Monkey."
  • Hota Wata references to "Hotter Water" which matches his crime spree.

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