Huge lizard monster
The huged Lizard Monster has just appeared in the episode "Him Diddle Riddle." For the girls' seventh challenge, Him said they had to defeat this monster without using superpowers. The girls realized this was more difficult than it looks, so after attacking him with no effect, they come up with a plan. While Bubbles distracts him by throwing fruit and Buttercup attacks using a helicopter with a machine gun, Blossom climbs up a clock tower and attacks the monster on his head and pulls one of his hairs out. This causes the monster to be in pain and as he stomps about, he comedically slips on a banana peel thrown by Bubbles. While Buttercup vomits from being in the copter, he sees the monster fall, she then calls a taxi and the monster lands, hindquarters first onto the taxi without breaking it. She tells the taxi driver to drive away to the airport and as the taxi drives away the monster looks back with a confused and painful expression, therefore defeating him.

The monster looks like an amphibian with black scales, red gills, yellow, tired eyes, pink lips with hanging teeth, little hairs and has a belly, tail and arms that has a lower shade of gray when the pattern goes downward.

Episode appearances

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