Impeach Fuzz
Season 1, Episode 10-B
Episode name pun on: The phrase "peach fuzz" and "Impeach Nixon".
Airdate: January 27, 1999
Director: John McIntyre and Craig McCracken
Story: John McIntyre and Chris Savino
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It's campaign time - and this time the Mayor will have to fight for his title. When Fuzzy Lumpkins tells the Mayor to shut up, he touches a nerve with the citizens of The City of Townsville, minus the worried Mayor. Pretty soon, despite the Mayor's hardest attempts at winning popularity vs Fuzzy's...doing absolutely nothing, it's Lumpkin's turn in City Hall, and the Mayor's out on his head (literally).

Fuzzy turns city hall into an actual pig sty, as well as forcing Ms. Bellum into a country girl routine, to sensually arouse him, and forcing the girls to follow his every idiotic desire, such as catching his pigs. Eventually, the Girls conclude that Fuzzy is even more incompetent at his job than the Mayor is. Soon, the Girls and Miss Bellum find the mayor, and try to convince him that the city needs him, though he doesn't care. It isn't until Miss Bellum mentions Fuzzy wearing his hat that makes him snap out of it. The Mayor, after agreeing, trampled to the hall. Although complimenting about not minding the things Fuzzy did to his office, he scolded him for wearing his hat, and challenges Fuzzy for it through wrestling.

When the match is about to begin, Fuzzy brings out his relatives (according to Fuzzy "If'n ya rassles one of us, ya rassles us all!"). The mayor chooses, unexpectedly by everyone, Professor Utonium to help, though he easily gets knocked out by Fuzzy. Then, after the bell had sounded, the Mayor takes a hillbilly beating from Fuzzy and his cousins and even with some lightning-quick help form the Girls, things look bleak when Fuzzy squishes him underneath the hillbilly's rear. However, as the countdown is almost to "3," until Fuzzy dons the Mayor's hat, making the Mayor berserk! Then, he shows few wrestling moves of his own, tackling and hitting Fuzzy. Finally, after landing a belly flop to knock Fuzzy down and out (for a few seconds), the Mayor wins, takes back his precious hat from Fuzzy, and regains his rule of Townsville. And starting out, he asks the girls to "help me catch my pig" as the episode is about to come to an end.


Miss Bellum in Impeach Fuzz

Ms. Sara Bellum in her country-style outfit


  • Ms. Bellum said the Mayor never had competition, but in "Meat Fuzzy lumpkins" there was a different Mayor.
  • Ms. Bellum also said the Mayor never writes his own speeches in The Bare Facts, but in this episode he did write his own speech.
  • The moves that Mayor use to finish off Fuzzy is The Superfly Splash, used by legendary wrestler Jimmy Snuka. This can be seen from the hand gesture that the Mayor shows before he jumps.
  • Mayor's campaign speech is several other famous political speaches rolled into one: MLK, our founding fathers, and the Kennedy-esque "Ich bin ein Townsviller," which is German for "I am a Townsviller."

Production Notes

  • Although "Cat Man Do" and this episode aired on January 27, 1999, they were actually made in 1998.