Storyboard by Dave Smith

Art Direction by Don Shank

Directed by Randy Myers & Craig McCracken

(Opening shot: the city skyline at night.)

Narrator: The City of Townsville...(Camera scroll down to the Jewelry store) not exactly the best place for a jewelry store. (The unknown thief breaks through out the window) See what I mean? (The thief wearing red long sleeve shirt, black pants and a toque holding a stolen diamond in his hands, standing behind the building where he can see two police cars drove pass from both sides. He ducks down and makes a run for it, but makes a quick stop as well)

Narrator: But it's not exactly the best place for a crook either. (Camera shifts to the girls hovering over the thief as the Narrator finishes.) See what I mean?

Thief: Ah, fudge.

(The thief makes a run for it. He stops in the middle of the street to see an upcoming headlight shine at him. The car hits him and he is shown with his head sticking through the windshield facing the driver. The scene shifts to the back of the car, which continues to drive, and the driver is tossed out. The thief is seen driving the car. He drives through a tunnel and comes to a curve, where the car smashes through the guardrail and tumbles down the rocky hill. The thief tumbles down as well. He bounces off the roof of the train depot building and onto the roof of a passing train. The train runs through a bridge and the thief hops off and into the ocean. He begins swimming and the scene cuts to a fisherman. The fisherman is knocked out of his boat and the thief hops on and turns the motor to fast. As the speedboat runs, the thief is knocked off and fall through the entrance of the Roller Rink. The scene cuts to the inside, revealing the skaters and a man with a large mustache wearing a green hat and brown suit playing the organ. The thief is also shown skating as well. He skates around the rink with the other skaters twice before skating through the stairway door on the top of the roof. As he gets to the end, he hops over the edge and onto the roof of the adjacent building. He continues to skate and then makes a short stop. He looks back at the roof he jumped off from to see no one there. As he smiles in relief, he throws his hands up in the sky in triumph. The scene then cuts to a building with the sign that says "General Food Cereal Inc." The thief turns around to leave, only to run into the girls, who are hovering in front of him. He laughs nervously and cuts himself short when he hears a cracking sound. He looks down to find a glass window he is standing on cracking below him, about to break. After five seconds, the glass finally breaks, and the thief falls through a skylight and into a factory with many scientists. As he gets up, he is now dressed in a white lab coat. He quickly removes his toque to make himself look inconspicuous. The scene cuts to the girls flying through the window the thief fell through and they look around. The thief stands there and the scene shifts from left to right right before shifting back to the thief with the girls hovering behind him distantly.)

Buttercup: You may be able to run...

Bubbles: may be able to hide...

Blossom: ...but we will meet again.

(After Blossom gives the thief a final angry scowl as she made her threat of meeting him again, the girls fly away through the skylight and the thief looks back to find that they are gone. The scene cuts back to the thief standing there while surrounded by scientists walking around and paying no attention at all to him.)

Narrator: And the Powerpuff Girls actually failed to catch a thief? Is this crook that cunning? That agile? Is this man a true master of thievery?

(The thief pulls out the diamond from his pocket and kisses it. He walks with it in his left hand and eventually trips, sending the jewel flying offscreen. The jewel is shown getting tossed in slow motion right before it lands in a pile of cereal. The scene later shifts from a far-away point of view to reveal a large tube with the sign "Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets" on the front over a conveyor belt with rows of cereal boxes. The thief shrieks in panic and runs towards the conveyor belt.)

Narrator: Nope, just a lucky son-of-a-gun.

(Scene cuts to a close-up of each cereal box being filled. The thief is shown running to the conveyor belt screaming panically. Each scene is shown once again. As the thief finally approaches the conveyor belt, he screams for five more seconds. A close-up is shown of the cereal boxes getting filled, and the jewel falls on top.)

Thief: Oh. (laughs. The conveyor belt moves to the right, and the thief moves with the box with the jewel on top.) You're a bad, bad baby...running away from Daddy. But now you're safe again.

(He is oblivious to the fact that the box has now disappeared through a chute. When he later realizes this, he screams again and takes the door to his right. When he steps inside, he screams panically as he sees numerous cereal boxes moving around the conveyor belt in different directions. He runs in front of them and looks around panically. He navigates through the factory and the scene slowly shifts to the right and shows a man in a yellow forklift about to lift a box that says "Malphs" on the front. A cereal box falls in from the tube and the forklift lifts the box right before the thief falls through the tube and lands on the floor. The forklift rides to the right and into a truck with the word "Malphs" on it with the thief fallowing behind. The truck drives away and through the road. The truck drives to the side of a building and backs up to reveal the forklift with the box riding out from the back. The thief follows it through a garage, which shuts the door. A close-up of a rabbit with a large white mustache wearing a purple captain hat eating a bowl of cereal is shown, and the scene zooms out to show the rabbit on numerous boxes. The thief is shown looking at the shelf of cereal and a close-up of his face dripping with sweat is shown. He lets out a loud scream, which causes some of the cereal to fall off the shelf. When a box falls on his hands, he rips open the top and empties the cereal out, only to find that the jewel isn't in there. He does the same to the rest of the boxes, which turns out to contain nothing but cereal. As he has opened nearly every cereal box from the shelf, he lies on the floor surrounded by a pile of cereal and the opened boxes, only to look up and find one unopened box sitting on the shelf. His face brightens with excitement as he gets up. He is about to slowly grab the box when a mysterious hand grabs it from the shelf. The next scene reveals the Professor with a shopping cart holding the box with his left hand.)

Professor: Wow! The last one! This must be my lucky day.

(He tosses the box in the cart and walks offscreen. A close-up of a key being turned into a slot is shown. The next scene reveals Professor Utonium in his car with the groceries in the back seat)

Professor: On boy! The girls will sure be happy I got their favorite cereal.

(He backs his car up and drives away out of the parking lot. he makes a right turn to a stop sign and the back of the car reveals the thief behind it. After coming to a stop, the car turns to the right. The next scene shifts to the car driving to the parking lot of the house. Professor Utonium is shown carrying the groceries, the thief sneaking from behind. Professor Utonium step into the house. The next scene shows the thief peeking through a window and zooms out to show the girls watching TV, the professor standing to the left offering them their breakfast.)

Professor : Hey girls...brought your favorite cereal.

Buttercup: Shh!

Blossom: Watching...

Bubbles: ...TV.

(The scene shifts to the thief watching the girls through the window from behind.)

Thief: The Powerpuff Girls?! You've gotta be kidding me! What am I gonna do?!

(Scene cuts back to the program of the TV. A voice-box in the program shouts out something incoherently.)

Mechanical flamingo in the program: We will fight, koala. We will fight.

(The flamingo transforms into a Transformers-like figure. The words "Mech-Animals" appear on the screen)

Male TV announcer: "Mech-animals" will continue after these messages.

(A scene that shows a boy with brown hair wearing a red helmet with three purple stripes, a yellow shirt, and green shorts and a blond girl wearing the same color helmet with three green stripes and a blue shirt skating is shown)

Boy: Good luck in the contest, Sally.

Sally: Thanks. You too, Peter.

(As they skate o.c., the rabbit that appeared on the cereal box emerges from the bushes.)

Rabbit: A rollerblading contest? (The next scene shows him from behind looking at a skate park with a ramp and a judges' table booth) That's just the sport for me... (As the rabbit finishes o.c., a close-up of the 1st-prize trophy is shown with the cereal box on top is shown.)...especially when Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are the grand prize. (Scene cuts back to the rabbit.) Ooh! I can taste it now. Corn crisps castles and ships with tuna and ruby marshmallow bits. (As he says this sentence, a thought bubble appears over his head, revealing a castle, ship, blue fish, and red ruby cereal bits. He gasps as the thought bubble dissipates.) Oh, I need that grand prize...and with this disguise, I'll be sure to win that contest.

(He is shown disguised as a skater. The next scene cuts to Peter skating on a ramp. The judges give it a 10 each.)

Lucky Captain Rabbit King: (from o.c.) That's nothing. Wait to see you get a load of me. (He skates up the air) Method air...(He is later seen grinding the rail.)...rail slide...(The next scene shows him skating through the cones)...cone intimidation...(He then spins in a 540 degree angle in the air.)...540. (As he lands, a crash is heard. Lucky Captain Rabbit is seen lying on top of the 1st-prize trophy.) Did I win? (A hand is shown grabbing the box. Peter is seen standing by the rabbit, holding the cereal box in his hands.)

Peter: Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King. Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the youth.

Lucky Captain Rabbit King: (groans) OK.

(The next scene shows cereal pouring.)

Kids in commercial: (o.c., singing) Corn crisps castles and ships with tuna, ruby marshmallow bits. (The next scene shows the Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets part of a balanced breakfast.) Lucky Captain King Nuggets!

(Lucky Captain Rabbit King appears out the front of the box and continues incoherently. The next scene shows the girls eating their cereal. Behind them, the thief has an idea through the window.)

Thief: That's it!

(He ducks under the bushes. The next scene shows a close-up of the front door and the sound of the doorbell is heard. The door opens and the girls are shown staring up. After a few seconds, they cheer in delight. The next scene slowly pans up to the thief disguised as Lucky Captain Rabbit King.)

Thief in disguise: Yep. It's me, the character in that commercial you just saw! Lucky Captain...something...uh, don't know.

(The girls drag the disguised thief in the house speaking all at once. They circle around him chanting "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" three times before the disguised thief stops them.)

Thief in disguise: All right. Cool it down! Cool it down. Now uh...(clears his throat)...listen up. The captain in teal has a headache. I'm just here for some cereal, then I'll be on my way!

(He walks up to the cereal box on the table and tries to make a grab for it. But Blossom snatches it out of his reach.)

Blossom: You think we're that stupid?

Buttercup: We know you'll have to try and trick us.

Bubbles: Yeah, just like in the commercials.

(The scene shifts to "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" behind the front door and Buttercup set to close it.)

Buttercup: So don't come back until you got something good. (She shuts the door. After a second, the doorbell rings, and she opens the door a second time to reveal "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" standing in front.)

"Lucky Captain Rabbit King": Hey did you guys just see my twin brother? (Buttercup slams the door again.)

Buttercup: Weak!

(The disguised thief is later shown sitting on the sidewalk thinking.)

"Lucky Captain Rabbit King": Man this is gonna be harder than I thought. I can't come up with anymore tricks. The rabbit suit is all I got. (An old lady is shown walking from behind him.)

Old Lady: Ah babysitting is so rewarding.

(As she walks o.c., the thief stands up, getting another idea. The scene cuts to the girls enjoying their breakfast in the kitchen.)

Voice: (from o.c.) Yoo-hoo! Girls! (As the voice finishes, the camera pans slowly from bottom to top to reveal "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" disguised as an old lady.) Your new grandma babysitter is here. ("Grandma" takes a seat. The girls stare at "her" in silence. Bubbles breaks the silence)

Bubbles: Gee Grandma babysitter. What big eyes you have.

"Grandma": Oh the better to see the cereal.

Buttercup: Gee Grandma babysitter. What an interesting mustache you have.

"Grandma": On the better to keep the cereal in my mouth.

Blossom: Gee Grandma babysitter. You sure do have big rabbit ears.

"Grandma": Oh...(voice deepens)...the better to...

(The next scene shows "Grandma" being thrown out of the house through a window. The girls appear behind "her.")

Girls: Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King. Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the youth.

(The next scene fades to a close-up of the rose bush and a couple of hands opening through to reveal the girls sitting outside enjoying their cereal on the table.)

Blossom: It sure is nice to eat in the garden for a change.

(They quickly scarf down their cereal.)

Thief: (from o.c.) A garden party. how precious.

(The bush closes. The next scene shows a gardener searching through the trunk of a green van with the sign "Mr. Phan's Garden" on the side. A close-up of the back of a man with black hair wearing a brown hat and a blue sweater from the back is shown. He closes the trunk and turns around, revealed to be wearing circular glasses and gasps as he sees someone approaching him slowly. As the scene cuts to the girls eating their breakfast in the garden, a punch can be heard o.c. "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" is shown riding a leaf blower cart. This catches Blossom's eye.)

Blossom: Hey, there goes Mr. Phan, our gardener. (The next scene shows her from behind waving to "Mr. Phan" riding the leaf blower cart.) Hello Mr. Phan.

"Mr. Phan": (in an Asian accent) Good morning, Blossom. (He fans himself with his hat.) All this gardening is making me thirsty for some of that delicious cereal you're eating.

Buttercup: Well throw that bad boy in reverse and come have some.

"Mr. Phan": You got it, partner.

(He puts the cart in reverse and drives to the girls. His cape gets caught in the back wheel and he struggles to pull it off. The scene shifts to the girls looking in confusion as "Mr. Phan" struggles o.c. The next scene shows "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" lying on the grass and the girls circle him.)

Blossom: Mr. Phan!

Buttercup: Are you...

Bubbles: ...okay?

Blossom: Wait a minute. (camera shows the girls' faces looking down.) You're not Mr. Phan! Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King. (She finishes o.c. as "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" is shown lying on the grass.) Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the youth.

(The next scene fades to show the girls' house. A close-up of an orange figure is shown from the left side.)

Thief: (from o.c.) This has got to work.

(The next scene shows the girls eating their cereal in the kitchen. Behind them, a model of Townsville is shown through the window and the thief disguised as a monster appears on top. He lets out a fake roar, alerting the girls. The girls emerge outside and pummel the "monster." The monster mask slowly falls out and lands on the ground. The girls stand on top of the "monster" proudly.)

Blossom: Another one bites the dust. (The girls look down to find "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" lying under them.) Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King. Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the youth.

(The next scene cuts to a window where snow pours out from outside of. The scene zooms out to reveal the girls eating their cereal. The next scene reveals "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" disguised as Santa Claus pouring laundry detergent outside of the window. "Santa" runs to the side of the house and hops on top of the garbage can. He attempts to climb the roof, but falls into the garbage can. The next scene shows a pyramid of ten trash cans and the camera slowly pans up to reveal "Santa" struggling to keep his balance to hop the roof. The trash cans tumble down and "Santa" once again ends up in one of them. The next scene shows "Santa" jumping up and down. He is revealed to be jumping on a trampoline at an attempt to hop the roof. Each jump cause him to jump higher. on his last jump, he jumps so high that he ends up jumping over the house and to the other side, where he ends up in the trash can yet again. The next scene reveals "Santa" taking a helicopter on the roof, where he successfully lands on top of and walks to a chimney. As he looks down, a squirrel emerges from it and attacks him in surprise.)

Thief: (screams) Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!

('He ends up falling off the roof, but later comes back to fly another helicopter on top. He steps out and dives into a chimney, only to get stuck. He struggles to get through, but won't budge. After a few tries, he gives up and begins sobbing. Later on, night falls, and police cars, citizens, an ambulance, and a firetruck surround the girls' house. The Girls presumably heard the thief's sobs or someone else noticed and called for emergency services in the meantime. The scene cuts to "Santa" surrounded by the girls.)

Bubbles: Santa, are you crazy? It's summer!

"Santa": I'm not Santa. I'm...(reveals mask)...Lucky Captain Rabbit King! All I wanted was some cereal! (He begins sobbing. He starts talking in between sobs.) All I wanted was some cereal. (As he continues sobbing, the scene cuts to Bubbles holding the box and staring at it. She offers him it and he stops sobbing.)

"Lucky Captain Rabbit King": You really mean it? (Bubbles nods) Oh, sweet as the cereal you are...(The thief takes off the mask, revealing his face)...finally mine! (Scene cuts to the girls, who watch in shock. The thief is shown munching the cereal.) The corn crisp castles and ships. (He continues munching.) Tuna and ruby marshmallow bits. (As he continues munching, the jewel he stole the other night falls into his mouth.)

Blossom: Whatchu got there, rabbit?

Thief: (jewel in his mouth) Nothing.

(The girls pummel him and the jewel falls out of his mouth, falling in Blossom's hands. The thief later lands headfirst through the roof of the back of the police car, which drives to the prison.)

Blossom: Stupid unlucky captured robber dude. Jail is for you.

(The background for the end shot comes up.)

Narrator: So once again, the day is saved...

(Each of the girls appear as the Narrator describes them.)

Narrator: ...thanks to green Buttercups, blue Bubbles, and pink Blossoms - The Powerpuff Girls, part of this delicious, nutritious breakfast.

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