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Julie Smith is the cute and pretty daughter in The Smith Family. Her sole purpose in life seems to be playing jacks. The reason she hates the Powerpuff Girls is because they lost her jacks.


Julie has blonde hair in a ponytail and small blue eyes along with bright peach skin. She wears a baby-pink colored mini-dress with a white collar and shoes.


She can do a ballerina dance and form a little tornado

  • Twinardo
  • Turina
  • Snake plan


She first appeared in Supper Villain with the rest of her family she and her family going to make a dinner with Professor Utonium and The Girls at The Smiths home but Harold going to destroy The Powerpuff Girls (characters) as Professor Utonium as a hostage but then the police came to take Harold Smith in jail in Just Desserts she with her rest of her family destroy Professor Utonium house but then her mother angry seeing Professor Utonium with The Powerpuff Girls still happy and battle them but Julie and her family easily beaten.


  • Snake plan is not a power but a evil plan that going to defeat a person.

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