Just Desserts
Season 2, Episode 10-B
Episode name pun on: phrase "Just Deserts".
The Smiths in costume
Airdate: April 28, 2000
Director: Randy Myers, Craig McCracken
Story: David Smith
Writer(s): Amy Keating Rogers
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"The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever"
"Twisted Sister"
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Just Desserts is the 20th episode of season 2. It aired on April 28, 2000.


The Smiths unite to destroy the Powerpuff Girls after Harold Smith returns from jail and Marianne Smith seeks revenge for her dinner being ruined. It is a sequel to "Supper Villain."


Continuing on the episode, "Supper Villain", the story replays the events leading to the present: Harold Smith and family invited the Professor and the Powerpuff Girls to dinner at their house following a hostage situation involving Mojo Jojo. However, during the dinner, Harold's hidden ambitions came to light when he adopted a supervillain persona, catching the attention of the police who arrest him amidst a food fight. Meanwhile, Harold's wife, Maryanne, harbors ill feelings toward the girls for ruining her dinner.

A week later, after having dealt with life as an inmate in the Townsville Correctional Facility exercising, stamping license plates, and eating slop in the lunchroom, Harold is finally released back to the general public.

Upon arriving home, Maryanne is furious at Harold for the way he embarrassed her and himself before the girls and the Professor, but then she goes on to declare that they will destroy them together. Though thrilled at the thought, their children, Bud and Julie, decide to join for their own personal feelings against the girls at large. It is then that Harold declares that they will destroy the Powerpuff Girls as a supervillain family.

Though Harold is still quite the outlier for lack of time to prepare, the Smiths are ready to dispatch of the girls, especially with new supervillain costumes and a complete, weaponizing overhaul of the family van. Their first act involves vandalizing the girls' home as they are out grocery shopping.

Despite breaking their morale, the act of vandalism brings out the better in the girls and the professor, citing that they are indestructible for as long as they have each other. Infuriated by the family unity, Maryanne directs the family to a more blatant attack, using the family van to ram and/or blast them on sight. After a time of being given chase, the girls confront their foes next door and ask for answers. Among her explanation in regards to the inappropriate nature of their behavior, Maryanne confesses that not only did the girls ruin her dinner, but they also drove Harold insane and got him sent to jail for a time. The girls dismiss what Maryanne has to say in her family's defense as they proceed to fight them and have them sent to jail. The episode ends as an unfit family's fitting end is highlighted.



  • It is revealed at the beginning that the episode took place one week after Supper Villain.
  • The Fairly OddParents (another show that features Tara Strong) has an episode with a same name, albeit with a completely different plot.
  • The Smiths are the only minor villains to appear in more than one episode, (apart from the Balloon Monster and several cameo of other minor villans).
  • This is the second and final appearance of the Smiths.
  • There is also a "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Trap Card of the same name which inflicts 500 Life Points of damage per monster in the opponent's side of the field.
  • When Blossom says that a ruined dinner and an insane, incarcerated husband isn't a good reason for destruction of property and attempted murder, she is right, as an alibi like Marianne's would never hold up in a real court of law, and would get her and her husband held in contempt.

Production Notes

  • Although "The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever" and this episode aired on April 28, 2000, they were actually made in 1999 according to the credits.
  • Although this episode was made in 1999, this episode is the first episode to feature the familar and well-known 2000 oval designs of the girls, which will remain in regular usage (alternating with the 2000 circle designs) until "Forced Kin".