Kuriko Akatsutsumi
Kuriko Akatsutsumi
Name: Kuriko Akatsutsumi
Gender: Female
Voice actor: Erin Matthews (English)
Chiwa Saito (Japanese)
Family: Momoko Akatsutsumi (older sister)

Kuriko Akatsutsumi (also known as Kasey in English) is a character in The Powerpuff Girls Z. She is the youngest sister of Momoko Akatsutsumi and is a recurring character in The Powerpuff Girls Z.


Kuriko is addicted to a sentai/hero genre as her older sister and very hyper too. She is very independent and likes to pretend she is a heroine. She admires the Powerpuff Girls Z and wishes to be a heroine just like them. She admires Bubbles  and Buttercup, but shows little favor for Blossom (who, unbeknownst to her, is actually her own sister). She is also always looking for new ways to annoy her sister. She appears to be quite interested in Ken, especially when she realizes that he knows her sister. Similarly, Ken seems interested in her because of her resemblance to Blossom taking up a lot of room.


Kuriko is a simple little cute girl. she seems to have pigtails shaped as braids holded up by rose bands. her default outfit is a cream colored sweater with a heart in the middle a orange or pink skirt some socks and black mary janes. she has big amber eyes and light orange hair slightly dark.