Lefty in his old costume

Lefty is Captain Righteous's sidekick from before the Ministry of Pain was defeated. Lefty and Captain Righteous were once partners but broke up because Captain Righteous thought that Lefty wanted all the glory for himself. When the girls go to visit him, Lefty gets really happy when they mention Captain Righteous, but then he says, "But alas, Captain Righteous hates me. He won't even say hello to me in the medicine line." He goes to fight by Captain Righteous's side again anyway, though, and they end up arguing and Lefty breaks his hip, he and Captain Righteous reconcile, and end up going to the emergency room with Captain Righteous and the Ministry of Pain.

He appears in the episode Fallen Arches. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


  • Lefty is a parody of Bucky.
  • The name Lefty most likely derives from the left hand of most people since it is generally less reliable than your right hand.

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