[Opening skyline of Townsville}

Narrator: The city of Townsville is enjoying a quiet, relaxing Saturday morning.

[Fade to the Professor's lab. Slow pan acoss the lab]

Narrator: Except our scientifically devoted Professor, who is hard at work, (puzzled) baking cakes?

[The Professor runs by quickly holding a steaming tray]

Professor: (rushing) Hot hot hot hot hot hot!

[a loud crash is heard off screen. The Professor is hovering over the steaming tray on a table]

Professor: (relieved) Phew! That was a close one! (looks disappointedly at the tray) Oh I knew this would happen. My first attempts always turn out to be disasters!

[Cut to the hallway outside the lab. Bubbles floats by unknowingly. The Professor's voice is heard outside the door as Bubbles passes]

Professor: Blossom is all crusty, Buttercup is hardly perfect, (hearing this, Bubbles zooms back to the door and leans her ear up against it) and Bubbles! Ick, just horrible! (sighs) Well I guess I should just make three new ones. [Cut back to Bubbles, her mouth wobbles and her eyes fill up with tears as the Professor continues) I mean, there is no way they will ever be good enough.

[Cut the Girl's bedroom door as it slams open]

Bubbles: (yelling with distraught) HE'S MAKING NEW POWERPUFF GIRLS!

[pull out to Buttercup and Blossom playing with toys on the floor then back to Bubbles sobbing)

Bubbles: (Crying so hard it's difficult to understand what she is saying) The Profess-The he-He said-He said Bubbles- (sobs a few times) and-and-and disaster-and crusty-and making new-

[She is suddenly cut off by a slap to the face. Pull back to all three girls]

Buttercup: (shaking her by the arms) Bubbles! Get a grip!

(Bubbles shakes her head)

Blossom: Now start over, what exactly did the Professor say?

Bubbles: (calmed down a bit, but sadly)I'm trying to tell you, he doesn't want us anymore.

Blossom: (Shakes her head in disbelief) That's crazy!

Buttercup: Have you been eating your crayons again?

Bubbles: (still tear eyed) I heard it with my own ears.

[cut back to the Professor in his lab. he is covered in blue, pink, and green frosting]

Professor: (half heartedly) Oh, who am I kidding, I can't decorate cakes! The surprise party will be ruined!

[cut to the girls floating down the stairs. Then back to the Professor]

Professor: Oh gosh, they're so ugly!

[cut to three cakes with the girl's horribly decorated faces on them. Cut back to the girls listening to what the Professor is saying through the door]

Professor: I knew adding that extra ingredient to the concoction was a mistake! (cut to each one of the girls as he talks) I should have stuck to the original recipe of sugar and spices. (small sigh) Well this time I'm getting it right. (The girls look at each other in shock) This time, they'll really be perfect!

[Fade to the front of the house. Blossom can be heard sniffling, cut to the bedroom where Blossom is in tears on the floor, Bubbles is crying on the bed, and Buttercup is on the floor with and angry look on her face)

Blossom: (crying) Bubbles was right... he is making new girls...

Bubbles: Why doesn't he love us anymore?

Buttercup: You heard him. He doesn't think we're perfect anymore.

(Buttercup wipes a teardrop from her eye. Blossom stops crying.)

Blossom: Well, that's what we'll have to do then. We've just gotta prove to him that we're perfect!

(A telephone from downstairs rings, and this gets the girls' attention. Cut to a hallway upstairs, the girls rush down it, and the camera zooms in on a family portrait of Professor and the girls.)

... But I love you.. Dad!

Buttercup: Hey, Professor. I've been trying my new kung-fu moves. Perfect? (accidentally hits the professor)

Blossom: Hey, Professor. I've been practising some Chinese. (speaks Chinese)

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