Lou Gubrious

Lou Gubrious
Biographical information

Island Castle




Hal Larious


To cry out a river of tear drops

Weapon(s) of choice


Physical description
Out of universe information
First appearance

The City of Frownsville

Voiced by

Dee Bradley Baker

Teachers and Students
Lou Gubrious (known as Hal Larious when he's happy) is a villain character that appeared in the episode: The City of Frownsville. He is a very miserable villain who cries all the time. He felt extremely depressed with everyone in Townsville feeling happier than himself, so he made everyone in Townsville cry like him with a machine turning their happiness to misery, and turning Lou Gubrious sadness into happiness.


  • His original name "Lou Gubrious" is a pun on the word "lugubrious" which means someone who sounds sad and his new name "Hal Larious" is a pun on the word "hilarious" which means something that is really funny.

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