Storyboarded & Written by Chris Savino

Art Direction by Paul Stec

Directed by Randy Myers

(Opening shot: the city skyline in the morning)

  • Narrator: The City of Townsville ..which lies in the heart of America—

(Scene changes the scenes of girl's house.)

  • Narrator: —and in the city of Townsville, lies the home of one Professor Utonium—

(Scene changes the scenes of Blossom, sleeping in her bed section.)

  • Narrator: —and in that home—

(Scene shift to the right from Blossom, then Bubbles.)

(Camera stop at Buttercup's bed section and then changes into three girls sleeping of their whole bed.

  • Professor: (voice calling from the kitchen) Girls, time to get up! (The girls woke up just as Professor called) Breakfast is ready!

(The girls fly out of their bedroom, in a flash. In the kitchen. Buttercup sits on the right, excited)

  • Buttercup: Bacon and Eggs!

(Bubbles sits in the center, excited)

  • Bubbles: Waffles!

(Blossom sits on the left, excited)

  • Blossom: French Toast!

(Professor cooking liver and onions on the stove)

  • Professor: Liver and Onions!

(The girls' smiles turn into frowns)

(Then the Professor brings each plate to Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, respectively.)

  • Professor: One for you, one for you, one for you...

(Ironically, he doesn't have a plate with liver and onions. Instead, he has a plate of stacked pancakes, as revealed.)

  • Professor: And one for me.

(The girls look [Blossom on the left, and the other two on the right] and see what he has instead. Blossom winks.)

  • Professor: Eat up, everyone.

(He starts looking at his newspaper. Nobody starts eating their liver and onions. Bubbles blinks.)

  • Bubbles: Hey, look!

(It is revealed that the Professor hasn't shaved. He has stubble.)

  • Bubbles: The Professor left his beard on. That means it must be Saturday, which means the Professor can spend the whole day playing with us!

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