Narrator: The city of ..........

Fuzzy: No no I give up!!!!!                       

Buttercup: Well that takes care of that. Boy I'm hungry. Let's go meet the Professor for dinner. Hurry up you guys.

Buttercup: Yeah this is great. All you can eat. I love it.

Blossom: There she goes again Miss Overdo it.

Buttercup: What's that supposed to mean?

Blossom: Oh nothing.

Waiter: Here are your fortune cookies.

Girls: Yay!

Professor: One for you , one for you and one for you.

Blossom: What's your fortune Bubbles?

Bubbles: "You bring sunshine to all things around you." I do!

Blossom: (Laughs)

Bubbles: What's yours?

Blossom: "You have the quality of a leader. Others are sure to follow you."

Blossom and Bubbles: (Laughing)

Bubbles: That's true!

Blossom: What's yours Buttercup?

Buttercup: "Be not violent nor angry, peace lies within." What a stupid fortune! It wasn't even funny!

Blossom: I don't know Buttercup. It sounds right to me. 

Bubbles: Yeah.

Buttercup: What?

Blossom: All I am saying is you should take it to heart.

Bubbles:  You have been taking your fighting a little too far lately.

Blossom: Yeah you didn't have to beat the stuffing out of Fuzzy.

Bubbles: Poor Fuzzy.

Buttercup: Hello he is a stinking bad guy remember he deserves it!

Blossom: He gave up it was over but you continued beating him up anyway

Bubbles:  It was a bit much.

Blossom: You just don't when to stop! You're always overdoing it.

Buttercup: Nuh uh! 

Blossom: Uh huh.

Buttercup: Uh uh. 

( The scene cuts to the girls exiting the restaurant with the professor. Blossom and Buttercup are still arguing). 

Blossom: Uh huh. 

Buttercup: Uh uh! 

Blossom: Uh huh!

Buttercup: Uh uh.

Buttercup: Uh huh. 

Blossom: Uh huh! 

Buttercup:  Uh uh! 

Blossom:  Uh huh.

Buttercup: Uh uh. ( close up on Buttercup)  I'm the good guy!

Doctor: Oh no you're not!

(Buttercup gasps  as the camera pans to Fuzzy Lumpkins in a wheelchair covered in bandages. Two doctors and a nurse are standing beside him. Camera pans to Blossom  and Bubbles)

Bubbles: Oh Fuzzy!

(close up on Doctor)

Doctor: Are you proud of yourself young lady?!

Buttercup: I...I-

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