Officer Mike Brikowski is an ex-officer and the main antagonist in "Cop Out."

He is a lazy cop in Townsville who
sleeps in his car and eats donuts rather than do his job.

When he falls asleep during a bank robbery, his boss soon fires him (Brikowski thought he was going to get a promotion as he was called to his boss' office). After that, Brikowski assumes that the girls are responsible for him being fired and plots to take revenge on them. He refuses to believe he was fired because he's lazy and thinks he's the greatest policeman on the force and saying how the girls always take the credit from him even when faced with overwhelming evidence. When he sees himself on TV being lazy, he approaches quickly to the TV and throws it out the window, plotting to do away with the trio.

As part of his plan, Brikowski tricks the mayor into calling the girls. When they arrive, Brikowski tells them to go into a warehouse full of confiscated weapons, where he puts them to sleep with gas coming out of the tank. After that, he chains them to a cement block with Mojo Jojo's restraints and attempts to dip them in acid for making the police look bad and Blossom says that's false, but the police force, including his ex-partner, Perez arrive, arrest Brikowski for his crimes and save the girls, but don't succeed before they get a little injured from the acid. (Which means Mike is semi-successful due to said misfortune.)

As he is being arrested, Mike utters a tale on how he became a good cop gone bad, to which Blossom responds by saying he wasn't a good cop gone bad, but a bad cop gone worse, much to the amusement of the narrator, who then tells Brikowski "Sorry, Officer Brikowski, no doughnuts in jail."


  • It is hinted that he shoplifts, because almost all of the things in his apartment still have tags on them.
  • Mike Brikowski is one of the few characters who hates The Powerpuff Girls along with Mojo Jojo, HIM, Princess Morbucks, The Rowdyruff Boys, the Smith family and the prisoners at Townsville Jail. He even tries to kill them because he hold them responsible for losing his job.