In collaboration plan of Japan, the episode Mizuno Kingdom and Powerpuff Girls was produced by Cartoon Network and Yoshimoto.

Blossom is a word, but I'm showing off the Kansai dialect. Botsukyara like that appeared in work are those chosen by the post viewer. Emergency meeting of Mizuno Kingdom is carried out to determine the gift of appreciation, sent to the Powerpuff Girls (post viewers here) pillow Kendo Kobayashi from the candidates a variety, from the girls is not cute "was told complaints such as ". Narrator Eiji Okuyama. (CM Mizuno's Kingdom will be broadcast after the animation) being broadcast from time to time as a program filled measure of when a space came out in the organization of the other program is part of the animation program. If you are supposed to be a very kingdom of Mizuno XVI Mizuno Kingdom of friends of the mayor, it was decided to call the Powerpuff Girls to call the mayor. Death story was rejected by Parliament of Mizuno Kingdom recruited from the viewer is uncontrollable in the town, taken catastrophe of Comedy Big Bang since, Tamura and Kenji Shan Minister to meuniere to meuniere teacher to make meuniere anything relieved Mizuno Kingdom was. Old man and insist fighters defeated only meuniere teacher. Girls defeated the death of other material.



Blossom -

Bubbles - 



toru mizuno

Chihara Junior


kenzi tamura

ryota yamasato

kobayasi kenda

水野キングダムラブズパワーパフガールズ 2 213:57

水野キングダムラブズパワーパフガールズ 2 2

水野キングダムラブズパワーパフガールズ 前編11:19

水野キングダムラブズパワーパフガールズ 前編



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