[Opening shot: a pirate-era variant of Townsville at night in black-and-white. There are pirate ships at the harbor of Townsville. Thunder strikes in the background. A rough pirate's voice begins to speak.]

Voice 1: The city of Townsville lies dead ahead!

[Cut to a pirate ship sailing in the middle of an ocean. Then cut to a muscular pirate holding the wheel tightly, trying to keep the ship on course. He wears pants and a belt across on his body like a sash]

Voice 1: Hold her steady, lad!

Muscular: I'm tryin', cap'n!

[The captain of the ship walks in front of the camera. He bears a strong resemblance to Captain Hook, and has a parrot on his right shoulder. The rough voice belongs to him.]

Captain: Aye, ye swabbies, we be gettin' closer now!

Parrot: (Squacks) Close!

[Cut to another dwarf-like pirate sitting in the crow's nest of the ship. He speaks in an English accent]

Dwarf: Land ho, cap'n!

[More lightning appears behind the dwarf pirate. Cut to the captain, opening a treasure map]

Captain: (laughs) Soon, the treasure of Captain Flynn will be ours, lads.

[Cut to the map the captain holds. At the bottom, there's a region that writes "Townsville Bay" and on another region, a tree with a dotted line to an "X".]

Captain: With map in hand, we need only find the big tree. [Zoom in towards the "X" on the map.] Then, only fifty paces separates us from the lost treasure of Captain Flynn!

[Cut to the muscular pirate, curiously looking and pointing at something ahead of the ship]

Muscular (curiously): What's that?

[Cut from behind the ship, we see what the ship's approaching. It appears as a beam if light shining from the clouds down onto the ocean. It glows a light blue. Cut back to the captain.]

Captain: It matters not. Sail on, and trust your captain to get you through! [Extreme close-up of his face.] Or I be not Captain Crack McCraigen!

[Note: The aforementioned name of the captain is an anagram of Craig McCracken, the creator of Powerpuff Girls.]

[The ship slowly approaches the beam of light, and when it does, a flash of white light from the beam fills the screen. Fade to a tree in color, in modern day Townsville, and pan down to where the Pirates are gathered.]

Dwarf: This be the biggest tree we seen, cap'n.

[Cut to Crack, opening the treasure map.]

Crack: Agreed. Now, fifty paces...[Sticks out a hand] northwest!

[His perspective, he turns his hand towards the Professor's house.]

Dwarf: Townsville sure has changed.

[Cut back to Crack.]

Crack: It matters not. Treasure awaits!

[Cut to the door from the inside of the house. Then the muscular pirate smashes the door open.]

Muscular: Smash! [Next he smashes a painting.] Smash!!! [Now smashes a coffee table] SMASH!!! WHERE IS THE BOOTY THAT WE SEEK?!!

[Cut to Crack, looking down towards his feet. Then cut to the floor of the house. A sword being taken out of a sheath can be heard.]

Crack: Start digging!

[Crack and the Muscular pirate start slamming their swords on the floor, causing wood pieces and splinters to fly around. The dwarf pirate's voice stops their "digging".]

Dwarf: Aye, cap'n, look! [Cut to him, he opens a door, pointing downwards] I found the hold!

[Cut from the inside of the room, where the pirates are looking.]

Crack: Right! Good job, Mr. Larson!

[Zoom out to show the room, which is the Professor's lab. Then cut to a door with a lock on it. Footsteps are heard approaching the door. Then zoom in on the lock, a gun is pointed at it and blows the lock off. Then Crack opens the door, revealing a crate with "CHEMICAL X" written on it, X written really large, and the word "CHEMICAL" in small letters above the X.]

Crack: X marks the spot! [Cut to the pirates.] Now let's get this booty back to the ship!

[Cut to a pirate flag on top of the ship, then the crate, with a pair of hands on the lid.]

Crack: Mr. Larson, do the honors!

[Mr. Larson, the dwarf pirate, opens the crate, revealing many glass beakers filled with black liquid-Chemical X. Zoom out, Crack takes a beaker out and eyes it with anger.]

Crack: This be not the treasure of Captain Flynn! [Throws the beaker onto the floor of the ship. It breaks and its contents spill onto the floor.] The treasure must still be in that structure! [His parrot flies off his shoulder and towards the puddle of Chemical X. The bird licks up some of the chemical.] We go back and search again!

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