Monkey See, Doggie Two
Season 3, Episode 6B
Episode name pun on: The Powerpuff Girls Episode Monkey See, Doggie Do
Airdate: October 6, 2000
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky, Robert Alvarez, and Craig McCracken
Story: Chris Reccardi and Don Shank
Writer(s): Amy Keating Rodgers
Kevin Kaliher
Chris Savino
Chris Reccardi
Don Shank
Jason Butler Rote
See also
"Three Girls and a Monster"
"Jewel of the Aisle"

Mojo decides to repeat past mistakes and brush off his plan from Monkey See, Doggie Do.

The girls of course are on his tail almost instantly, but rather than beat him up they chastise him for his stupidity. Mojo has a plan however, he goes over the last episode he used this plan (Monkey See, Doggie Do) courtesy of a conveniently placed TV and cameras he placed all over the world. He reached the conclusion that his plan fell apart when he turned the girls into dogs were they then bit him. So this time he 'isn't' turning the girls into dogs and equipping himself with a steel butt protector. Confident in his victory he asks what the girls will dare hope to defeat him now.

They whoop him.

The curse is lifted and Mojo 'Dog' is back in the pound with a 'very' large bulldog.


  • The ending of this episode is shown in The City of Clipsville.
  • The beginning of this episode, all the way until the girls had investigated the museum, uses exactly the same clip as Monkey See, Doggie Do, revealing that this episode was almost a remake of the mentioned episode and Craig McCracken and the animators thought that this episode was really easy for them to do. Later on, more clips from this episode are shown on Mojo's tv.
  • This episode takes place a few days after the events of the episode Monkey See, Doggie Do.
  • The animated outro in this episode is nearly the same as in A Very Special Blossom, but the outro proceeds as normal, the hearts are presented over a dark red background, and the girls are seen smiling and are in their normal poses.
  • In this episode it is implied that Mojo has cameras all over the world, since his tv seems to be able to show anything that happened anywhere at any time at all, much like HIM's tv, or his magical floating screens in later seasons.
  • Running gag: Mojo Jojo saying "The dogs... the biting... the dropping". The Narrator copies that end of this episode as "The day... the saving... the girls".
  • Neither this episode nor its predecessor explains how Mojo goes back to normal.
  • The bulldog is a resemblance to Chopper from Yakky Doodle.

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