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Mr. Morbucks and Princess. She is begging for something to destroy the girls

Mr. Morbucks is the father of Princess Morbucks and the husband of Mrs. Morbucks. His face is never seen throughout the entire series, and he never has any speaking roles.


He wears a robe when going to sleep, he is overweight, wears a wedding ring on his finger and is often seen smoking.

Episode Appearances


  • Princess always refers to him as "Daddy" and since their last name is Morbucks. It is a reference to "Daddy Warbucks" from the comic "Annie."
  • He can be heard him clearing his throat in Bought and Scold at the end but no lines.
  • In Powerpuff Girls Z, his face is shown, he's shown to have red hair, and he also had several speaking lines.
  • In the ending credits for the episode Bought and Scold, his name was previewed "Daddy Morbucks".