Not So Awesome Blossom
Season 4, Episode 11B
Episode name pun on: The expression Awesome Blossom
Airdate: December 6, 2002
Director: Robert Alvarez
Lauren Faust
Craig McCracken
Story: David A. Dunnet
Lauren Faust
John McIntrye
Amy keating Rodgers
Justin Thompson
Carey Yost
Writer(s): Lauren Faust
David A. Dunnet
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"Keen on Keane"

Not So Awesome Blossom is the twelfth episode in the fourth season of The Powerpuff Girls.


Even superheroes have bad days. Blossom, for unknown reasons, loses her confidence and intelligence and becomes a jinx. When Buttercup destroys Mojo Jojo’s robots, she takes Blossom's role as the leader. Meanwhile, Mojo, using Blossom's situation, kidnaps Bubbles, Buttercup and Professor Utonium. But will Blossom will be the leader again?


Robot - Henchmen of Mojo Jojo attack Townsville. The Powerpuff Girls hope Blossom will defeat them, but instead of attacking the robots, she blows a raspberry and avoids the shots, which destroy the shop, museum, and opera. A moment later, Buttercup helps Blossom win and defeat the robots. At home, the bad luck of Blossom has no end. After damaging the doll, overturning the castle of blocks, injuring Bubbles and Professor, an ashamed Blossom runs away from home to an unknown place. She left a note, which explains the reason why she left home. After she left, Mojo Jojo puts up a ransom note on the door (in the place of a note that Blossom left). Professor Utonium goes outside and reads Blossom's and Mojo Jojo's notes, but follows Mojo's note (which describes a fake fact that Blossom was kidnapped) and the Professor gets kidnapped himself. Bubbles and Buttercup (as the leader now) get in contact with the Professor and Mojo Jojo, then the girls try to go and find the Professor. Meanwhile, Blossom gets a job at a restaurant called Hot Dogs On A Skewer, but even here the bad luck doesn't leave her. Mojo calls to Blossom, saying that he has her sisters and dad. Blossom flies to Mojo Jojo's Lair, but Mojo put Bubbles, Buttercup and the Professor at ransom. After a short conversation, Blossom thinks of a plan, how to help her sisters, Professor and how to beat Mojo. Fortunately, Blossom regains her confidence, saves her dad and sisters, while she takes Mojo Jojo to Jail. After the events, Professor, together with Buttercup and Bubbles enjoys the meal at Hot Dogs On A Skewer and congratulate Blossom. And then Blossom yells "where's the ketchup?!" and the episode ends. 



[During a battle between Blossom and one of Mojo's robots]
Blossom: Okay! It's just you and me! Let's see what you got!
[She blows a raspberry at the robot]

[The Professor read's Mojo's note over the hotline]
Professor: "Bubbles, Buttercup or whichever of the two remaining Powerpuff Girls has answered the hotline, listen closely. Pay attention. Concentrate intently on the words coming from my mouth. I, the Professor, am being held prisoner. I am being kept against my will in a location not of my choosing. If you desire my safe return you must..." Oh, excuse me. Could you please move your finger?
Mojo: Sorry.
Professor: Thank you. "...come to the lair of Mojo Jojo together, not alone. Independently..."
Buttercup: I think we need to go to Mojo's and save the Professor.
Bubbles: Again?!



  • The girls' bedroom is wrong in this episode.

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