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Octi,Bubbles' prized stuffed animal.

Octi is a purple stuffed octopus wearing a small black hat. Octi is Bubbles' most prized stuffed animal. As seen in The Movie, it was given to Bubbles by Professor Utonium, Bubbles' creator.


  • Octi had two episodes revolved around him Octi Evil and Octi-Gone.
  • Despite being an Octopus, Octi only has four legs. However, this may have been due to eight legs being hard to animate.
  • Octi wears a hat similar to the Mayor's hat .
  • Octi is similar to Oswald the octopus from the Nick Jr. series.
  • In seasons 5-6 he has six legs instead of four.
  • In the 2016 series, Octi has no hat.

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