Oops, I Did It Again
Season 6, Episode 4B
Episode name pun on: Britney Spears song and phrase
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Airdate: May 7, 2004
Director: John McIntyre
Story: Paul Stec
Writer(s): Brian Larsen
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Oops, I Did It Again is a Season 6 episode. It aired on May 7, 2004. 


The Professor dreams he had made three normal little girls after realizing all of his successes are mere accidents. 


When The Professor makes lunch, it turns out to be sloppy joes when they were supposed to be hamburgers. So, the girls tell him that he made another great accident. The Professor asks them what they mean and they tell him that all of his successful inventions (including themselves) were created by accident. They also explain how anything he created on purpose always fails spectacularly. Shocked and ashamed when he realizes he's never invented anything good while trying to, Professor Utonium goes down to the lab to create something on purpose. However, he accidentally falls asleep. He dreams that he had followed the recipe correctly and created normal little girls. In his fantasy, the girls went under different names (with Blossom being named Bertha, Bubbles being named Beatrice, and Buttercup being named Betty.) The narrator eventually says: and Bertha, Beatrice, and Betty have dedicated their lives to hanging around and doing nothing extraordinary! Townsville was constantly being attacked by hideous monsters and the girls were incapable of doing simple things, e.g. opening the Mayor's jar of pickles. In the end, the Professor likes himself just the way he is, an accidental professor.


Major Characters

Minor Characters



Although the girls appear, none of them are the main characters. Instead, that role applies to the Professor.
  • The physical appearances of the Run-Of-The-Mill-Girls are based on redesigns that Craig McCracken briefly considered for the Powerpuff Girls in response to negative reactions from test audiences for the What A Cartoon! pilots.
  • When Beatrice answers the phone, the mayor asks if it's Bubbles. This means that despite the Professor not creating them, the Powerpuff Girls must still exist in this dream.


This episode is a parody of Britney Spears song "Oops, I Did It Again" from her sophomore album, "Oops!... I Did It Again".

  • "Bertha, Bertha Bertha!" is a reference to Jan Brady from the classic 70s sitcom The Brady Bunch when she famously said "Marcia, Marcia Marcia!" (But she only said it once throughout the series which had been in the episode ”Her Sister’s Shadow”)


  • The ending of "Uh Oh Dynamo" is shown as a flashback to provide an example of how the Professor fails at making anything on purpose.


  • When the Run-of-the-Mill Girls were riding bikes, Betty wasn't wearing any tights.