(Opening scene: Cut to the classroom)

Ms. Keane: Now, class, Iv'e got a really cool surprise for you.

Buttercup: Is it an ice cream party?

Ms. Keane: No.

Buttercup: Early-Dissmissal party?

Ms. Keane: No, even cooler than that.

Buttercup: (Thinks for a moment) Hmm....UFO party!

Boy: What is it, Ms. Keane?

Ms. Keane: Ms. Keane has left the building. (She goes inside her desk and turns on music. She is now wearing a wizard costume) My name is Sansa Syntax...The Grammar Wizard! And it's time to begin this year's language unit!

Class: (bored) Yay.

Buttercup: What?! That's the opposite of cool!

Ms. Keane: Who can tell me a little bit about dangling participles?

Buttercup: Why don't you check your spell book? (The class starts laughing)

Ms. Keane: Very funny, Buttercup. But, please save your comments later. We need to get through this. Now, do any of you know when to use "You and I" instead of "You and Me"?

Buttercup: Don't ask me. (She pulls her eye socket) "Eye" don't know! (The class starts laughing again)

Ms. Keane: Buttercup, please! I know this isn't what you wanted to do today, but I'm trying hard to make it fun for you guys. This grammar unit is really important, and...

Buttercup: "Grammar". More like...(She blows a raspberry. The class starts laughing and Ms. Keane takes her beard off and is no longer pretending to be a grammar wizard)

Ms. Keane: Okay, Buttercup! That's it! There is a time and a place for goofing off, and it's not in my classroom. I hate to do this, but it going have to send you to the...(A rainbow appears from outside and she is hypnotized)...principle's...rainbow! Wow. What was I saying?

Buttercup: Uh, probably nothing important.

Ms. Keane: (She hugs Buttercup) Oh, yeah! I was just about to give you a hug, because you're just a special little lady.

Buttercup: Special? I thought I was being bad.

Ms. Keane: Yes! You're so good at being bad. You always do what you want, and it's so much fun! Let's all do what we want!

Kid: (Hypnotized by the rainbow, hanging upside down) Yay! I want to sit upside down!

Boy: (Hypnotized by the rainbow, holding candy) And I want candy!

Buttercup: What about the grammar lesson? I thought is was like, really important, or...whatever.

Ms. Keane: (She hugs Buttercup) Grammer can wait till next year. Now, how's about that Early-Dissmissal party?

Buttercup: Okay! (The kids, who are hypnotized by the rainbow run outside and start cheering. She brings out candy) Whoo! Early-Dissmissal Candy party! Today is awesome! (Blossom chimes in with her project, which is graded as "A+")

Blossom: Today was the absolute worst! We made dioramas in geography class, and I worked really hard, and the teacher gave me an A+!

Buttercup: And that's the problem. Why?

Blossom: He gave everyone an A+! (The kids walk by, infected by the rainbow, with their A+ on their projects)

Kid: I sneezed in a box.

Blossom: AARGH!!! If grades are meaningless, then I am meaningless! (She throws her project in the garbage) I can't live in this world!

Buttercup: Mellow out, man.

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