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Patches is a character from the 1998 Powerpuff Girls series that appeared in the episode "Imaginary Fiend". He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Mike was feeling lonely in his new class and felt that he could not socialize with his new classmates. Thus he created a new friend, an imaginary friend whose name was Patches. This lead to the consequence of Patches beginning to perform pranks on his classmates and causing a lot of trouble in class, and Mike himself had the blame for all of it. Eventually, Patches is caught causing trouble and Mike is put in a position where he cannot be blamed. The girls realize the situation and themselves try to stop Patches. It is however to no avail as they are no match for Mike's imagination. They figure out that they must use their own imagination to best Patches and together imagine a female bunny scientist, with glasses, a red ribbon on her head, a "pretty dress" and combat boots. Patches stood no chance against this mighty force and is beaten. He has not been heard of since.