People Pleaser
Season 1, Episode 39
Episode name pun on: A person has been doing favors to someone.
People Pleaser Title Card HD
Airdate: December 1, 2016 (online)
December 24, 2016 (television)
Director: Nick Jennings
Bob Boyle
Story: Jaydeep Hasrajani
Leticia Abreu Silva
Writer(s): Jake Goldman
Haley Mancini
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"Somewhere Over the Swingset"
"The Last Donnycorn (Season 2)"

People Pleaser is the season finale, and thirty-ninth episode of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series. It premiered on Cartoon Network's website on December 1, 2016 and it aired on Cartoon Network on December 24, 2016.


Blossom neglects her promise to Bubbles when she takes on too many things, leaving Buttercup and Bubbles to fend for themselves.



Main Characters

Minor characters


  • When the reboot's first season has 39 episodes instead of 40, this marks the last episode of season 1.
  • This is the fifth episode without the outro when the day is saved.
  • This episode was first released on Cartoon Network on Demand before it aired on TV.
  • This was aired during Christmas, which is December 24th.
  • The Talking Dog makes a cameo on Blossom's phone, that hasn't been appeared in the reboot yet.
  • When Bubbles referencing Pac Man's expression do the call of a buzzard, the second time she use in "Little Octi Lost".
  • The third time Bubbles is showing her crybaby side, the first two were "Little Octi Lost" & "Tiara Trouble".
  • This is the last episode to air in 2016.
  • This is the third time Buttercup burped.
  • This is the last episode when the Cartoon Network Productions 1999 ripple logo was used, before changing the closing logo in the next season.
  • The Mayor reveals he had an arch-rival, Baron von Mayorsly, turns out to be his doppleganger.

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