Ping Pong Z
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Episode name pun on: The game "ping pong" and their anime Powerpuff Girls Z.
Ping Pong Z
Airdate: June 2016 (Outside the U.S), 5 September 2016 (U.S.)
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Ping Pong Z is a The Powerpuff Girls short released in June 2016. It is the fifth Powerpuff Girls short to be released.



Professor Utonium tells the girls to do the dishes while he has to run some errands. Buttercup tells Blossom and Bubbles to play a ping-pong challange. Blossom and Buttercup (except Bubbles) play the game and Buttercup accidentally hits a crystal gnome by mistake (beacause Blossom missed the shot). Buttercup is about hit Grandma Mumu, Bubbles protects it. Buttercup flies up in the air outside and hits the ball everywhere (crashing in the lab, putting on the Mayor's hat, Mojo Jojo trying to shrink an elephant, and Bubbles hits the ball in space). The girls continue playing the game and Buttercup wins. Professor Utonium comes home and sees the mess that the girls made in the house. He then tells the girls that they haven't been doing the dishes. The short ends with Blossom stunnly saying "Uh, best 2 out of 3?".


Buttercup: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? [pulls out two paddles]
Announcer: Ping-Pong Challenge
Buttercup: Loser does the dishes.

Buttercup: Hang on to your butts! [hits the ball on the table] I win!
Professor Utonium: Girls, I'm ho-[sees the mess in the destructive house] Girls. You didn't do the dishes! [Pan to the dishes. A woman screaming is heard]
Blossom: two out of three?


  • This was reveals that Professor Utonium had a grandmother named Grandma Mumu. Though it was never mentioned in the original series.