Power-Up Puff
Season 1, Episode 10
Episode name pun on: Power-Up Punch, an attack move from the Pokemon franchise
Power-UpPuff TitleCard
Airdate: April 7 (online)
April 14, 2016 (television)
Director: Nick Jennings
Bob Boyle
Story: Gina Ippolito
Haley Mancini
Jake Goldman
Writer(s): Roque Ballesteros
Kenn Navarro
Udomphorn Rau
Corrine Wong
Clara Yan
Joshua Zinman
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"Tiara Trouble"

Power-Up Puff is the tenth episode of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series. It was uploaded to Cartoon Network's official website on April 7, 2016, and it aired on Cartoon Network's television channel on April 14, 2016.


During a fight against a food monster, Buttercup and Bubbles level up and discover a new power; The ability to make hard light constructs. However, Blossom feels left out, since she's the only one who didn't get leveled up.


At the Professor Utonium's House, The Powerpuff Girls are watching "Sliced", there are four people, only one will win the rest will be "Sliced". The ingredients will be "hot dogs", a man named is Chef Schnitzel. He create the piece of blanket and hot dogs, then roll it. It will be "yummy". Blossom was using vacuum, clean the floor with the piece of popcorn. Buttercup tells her to keep it down because she can't hear the show. Chef Schnitzel is prepare already, and they tried to taste it, but there it something happening it. Then, the three hot dogs combine to "Pig-in-a-blanket monster (because Chef Schnitzel create it). The Powerpuff Girls go save the day, they arrive to Townsvile. Bubbles really love piggy, she tells Buttercup not to hurt him. But, she goes attack the piggy blanket montster, but it squeeze. Buttercup angrily attack again but piggy blanket monster attack her. This makes Buttercup become very furious, she charge a power, turn to a spike chain, and fall down. Buttercup need to take it off that thing, but she fall to the wall. Blossom tells Buttercup if she is okay, but her power run so fast, keep swtich, and go around. Blossom goes attack the piggy, she punch it, but it squeeze.

Bubbles says, "Uh-oh, someone got the piggy giggle..". Bubbles touch piggy blanket monster nose, he giggle, she see a piggy tail. Bubbles starts says "I love piggys!", then she have new power, she said she was not piggy. Piggy blanket monster grabs Blossom, Buttercup tells Bubbles to concentrate she will turn to something else. Bubbles try to turn to a kitty, put in the ground. Then Buttercup turn to a tank, and finally shoot the piggy blanket monster, Bubbles and Buttercup got their new powers.

At the Professor Utonium's House, in the bedroom. Bubbles and Buttercup are playing their new powers because it funs. Blossom said their powers are awesome, expect she don't have a new power. Professor came in, Blossom ask him where do he thinks that she get her new power, He tells her, there no way she will get her power at the same time as her sisters,she might never get them in fact, she might lose the power he have. So he tells her to good night. At the Midway Elementary School, the kids tells Bubbles and Buttercup to do it again, Buttercup turn to a cannon, then Bubbles turn to a monkey. Buttercup shoots it, then Bubbles hit the sky, and fireworks likes powerpuff girls, which it Buttercup and Bubbles happy, expect Blossom sad, the kids are very happy. The boys wants to asks Blossom what power she can do, Bubbles and Buttercup tells the boys that she doesn't have to show them, and might never get them, making Blossom sad and cries so she leaves. At the Professor Utonium's House, Bubbles tells Blossom to cheer up, Buttercup said the new episode of "Sliced" is starting. Chef Schnitzel said he have created the perfect dish, after he created meat, when they tries to taste again, but still happening again and combine to a "Meatloaf monster." Bubbles and Buttercup go save the day, however, Blossom did not want to go so she tells her sisters to go ahead, she said she was just "useless". Bubbles explain to her that because she don't have new powers, doesn't means that she is useless. The breaking news man tells them to hurry, espically Bubbles and Buttercup got their new powers, he said if they bring another one (Blossom) without new power, she will probably be pretty useless. Blossom tells them they should go, she gonna stay here and clipper some papers, so they leaves her. After they fight meatloaf, but they fails to fight meatloaf, now breaking news man said it over. Blossom is shocked, feels bad for her sisters what she have done, maybe they need leader. Blossom realize she is a leader, so she go finds Bubbles and Buttercup. After she arrive, when she saw all the city are so messing, Blossom demands Bubbles and Buttercup going to stop meatloaf, Buttercup said is totally imposible with the meatloaf.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This episode does not have the Narrator at all. It also does not have the standard episode ending screen at all.
    • This marks the first episode without the outro when the day was saved.
  • At the start of the episode, the girls are shown watching a show called 'Sliced', which is a reference to the famous Food Network show Chopped.
  • The host Malty Brown is a parody of Alton Brown who hosts two other cooking competitions called "Cutthroat Kitchen" and "Iron Chef: America".
  • Running gag: When Chef Schnitzel experimenting their dish, the judges use their forks and the dish transformed into monsters and crash out of the studio.


  • In this scene, the area above Buttercup’s eyebrows are colored eyelid color, likely the mistake of misunderstanding the line being of the bottom of the eyelid and that the space there wasn’t supposed to be skin color.
  • The pig-in-a-blanket monster passes the building before being fixed to crash through the front.
  • As soon as Buttercup starts to get up, her hair is fixed and most of her cuts and scratches disappear. 
  • The Professor turns out the light like it was a different switch. Aside from not touching it, his finger goes down, not pressing the part of the switch that’s out.
  • When the Meatloaf Monster was first formed it had the olive for an then when it crashes through the building it has 2 normal eyes, then during the scene Bubbles transforms into a bear and start using the claws to slash him he has an olive eye, then when Buttercup transforms into a rocket launcher and explodes his head after re-forming his head he is seen with 2 normal eyes.


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