(Opening scene: Cut to the school cafeteria)

Narrator: Ah, lunchtime at the school cafeteria. (We see Blossom and Bubbles making scrapbook decorations)

Bubbles: Cute ribbons.

Blossom: Ooh, glitter!

Friendly Girl: Scrapbooking is so awesome!

Girls: Yay! (Buttercup comes in eating sloppy joes)

Buttercup: Dudes! It's sloppy joe Tuesday! (She eats the sloppy joe) They should make this a holiday.

Friendly Girl: What happened to your forehead?

Buttercup: (She looks at her forehead which has a bump in it) Oh, that? Funny story. Check it. So, there's this guy at the construction yard, Mac. (Eats the pizza) So, he says his forklift can crush anything, anything! And I'm all like "I'm stronger than that". And anyway, I arm-wrestled a forklift.

Friendly Girl: Oh, interesting.

Blossom: Uh, hey, Buttercup. Do you want to, uh...sit with us know, chew?

Bubbles: We're talking about scrapbooking!

Buttercup: Uh, yeah. No, that's not really my thing. I'll just grab a seat over there. (She goes to the other table where she can sit at) Pfft. Scrapbooking. (She glares at Maylyn and the other Derbytantes. They roller-skate around Buttercup at in the top of the table)

Maylyn: Hey. You're Buttercup, right?

Buttercup: Who's asking?

Maylyn: I'm Maylyn, head of the Derbytantes.

Chorus: Derbytantes!

Maylyn: Dig your head escape. Do you get from fighting a monster or something?

Buttercup: (Blows her hair) Forklift. Dig your skates.

Maylyn: Yeah. We never take them off. We grind on skates, we skateboard on skates, we even do pottery on skates. (The girl grinds on the rail on stairs, the girl does a skateboard on her skates, and two girls made pottery on skates) Best work yet.

Derbytante Girls: Whoo!

Maylyn: We also play Death Ball on skates.

Buttercup: Whoa, back up. What's Death Ball?

Maylyn: You should find out. (She and the others skate out as Blossom and Bubbles come in)

Blossom: Hey, Buttercup. Who are your friends?

Bubbles: Do they want to come scrapbooking, too? (Buttercup stares at the Maylyn and her friends)

Buttercup: Death Ball. (She flies out as the table is ripped)

Princess Morbucks: (from o.s) Hey, girls. (She is seen with Blossom and Bubbles)

Blossom: Princess Morbucks? (Cut to Princess Morbucks' pose)

Chorus: Morbucks!

Princess Morbucks: I see Butter-butt has left you with new friends.

Blossom: No, she's just off...

Bubbles: Playing Death Ball!

Blossom: ...With some people.

Princess Morbucks: Well, if you need a replacement, I know a stunningly gorgeous redhead with loads of sass and gobs of cash. (She makes a fist and opens it) Mike drop!

Blossom: We don't need a replacement. Come on, Bubbles. We'll see Buttercup later. (She and Bubbles fly out)

Princess Morbucks: Sure you will, "Later". (Cut to the screen that says "L8R")

Chorus: Later! (Cut to Blossom and Bubbles playing the game)

Bubbles: Where's Buttercup?

Bubbles: (from o.s) Buttercup! (Buttercup goes to the crystal heart where Blossom and Bubbles is inside) Buttercuuuuuuuuuup! (She slides down)

Buttercup: Stand back. (She tries punching the heart but, Princess Morbucks comes to the girls inside a giant robot)

Princess Morbucks: Hey, girls. Look what I got for my un-birthday. (Buttercup flies to her)

Buttercup: This is going to be too easy. (Princess Morbucks' robot grabs her) Aw, man! (Princess Morbucks' robot puts her back)

Princess Morbucks: Wait. Check this out. It came from the suit. (Presses the button)

Robot: You'll never save your sisters now.

Princess Morbucks: (Laughs) You like that? 'Cause it's true.

Buttercup: Yeah.

Maylyn: Not really true, like, at all. You see, the Derbytantes, we protect our sisters, and that includes sisters of sisters.

Buttercup: I thought you were working for money-pants. Why should I trust you?

Princess Morbucks: Yeah, you're supposed to be working for me.

Maylyn: Buttercup earned our respect. You just paid for it. Come on. If there's one thing we're good at, it's thrashing stuff. Rock and roll, ladies! (The Derbytantes spin around to Blossom and Bubbles who is stuck in a crystal heart) Blades up, girls! (She and the girls break free Blossom and Bubbles. Buttercup gets out of Princess Morbucks' robot hand and gets a piece of a crystal)

Buttercup: Anyone for a game of Death Ball?

Bubbles: Death Ball! (She and Blossom throw the crystals at Princess Morbucks' robot arms. Buttercup throws the crystal at Princess Morbucks' whole robot body)

Princess Morbucks: Okay, we'll call it a draw. (She flies away with the robot head as Buttercup land for her rescued sisters)

Bubbles: Buttercup! (She hugs Buttercup) I thought you were gone forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!

Buttercup: Sorry I got carried away hanging out with the Derbytantes. I guess I forgot who my real friends are.

Blossom: We're not just friends, we're sisters! (Princess Morbucks feels happy about that)

Bubbles: Yeah! And we're sorry we replaced you with Morbucks!

Buttercup: Wait, what? (The ending hearts appear on the screen)

Narrator: And so once again the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls! (Bubbles appears on the screen holding the ball)

Bubbles: And Death Ball! (She throws the ball at the screen)