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Mr. Mime- Rainbow's dark side.

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Rainbow the Clown

Rainbow the Clown is a clown who entertains children at parties. After a truck with bleach hits him, he turns black and white and becomes mute and his personality have also changed as well. Mr. Mime has the power to erase colors by touch and even render objects and animals, people and music mute. For instance at first, he touches the bleach trucker and secondly the little boy who holds a balloon. He turned back into a very grateful Rainbow after the girls perform a song that restores Townsville's colors. He thanks the girls for restoring him to normal, but they beat him up and send him to prison anyway. He is seen in later episodes such as Birthday Bash, still happy and cheerful as ever, suggesting that he had been pardoned and all has been forgiven, but as one of the invited guests, not part of the entertainment. But somehow he becomes his evil, corrupted, black-and-white, mute alter ego, Mr. Mime again in Daylight Savings, probably because somehow got bleached or any way got de-colored again. Rainbow was voiced by Tom Kenny.

Episode appearances


  • He keep changes to Mr. Mime.
  • Rainbow the Clown/Mr. Mime is like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, one person with two opposite personalities.
  • His alter ego, "Mr. Mime" shares the same name with a Pokémon.