(Opening shot: the city skyline)

Narrator: The City of Townsville... is enjoying a beautiful sunny day. (The girls fly overhead) ...And so are the Powerpuff Girls!

(Cut to the House, the girls fly onto the doorway)

Blossom: I think April is my favorite out of the whole year!

(Cut to door with scent leaking)

Buttercup: Mine too!

Bubbles: Yeah, mine too! The flowers are blooming...

Buttercup: The sun is shining...

Blossom: The smell of spring is in the air... (Blossom, and then Buttercup and

Bubbles, noticing the bad scent coming from the doorway)

Buttercup: (Blossom covers her nose, as do the other girls) What is that smell?

Blossom: Ugh, it's terrible! It smells like hot meat!

Buttercup: And onions!

Bubbles: Peppers, garlic powder, oregano, a dash of Worcester sauce, and definitely a pinch of cumin.

Blossom: This can only mean one thing.

(The girls fly in the the House to see Professor Utonium making chili.)

Blossom: Professor?

Professor: Hey, girls! You're just in time to taste my special concoction for the...

Girls: (dolefully) We know. The 2nd Annual Townsville Chili Cook-off.

Professor: Oh, of course you knew! You could probably smell the goodness a mile away!

(Pulls out spoonful of chili.) Here, tell me what you think!

(The girls are scared to try a bite.)

Professor: Come on. Taste it!

(The girls swallow hard and reluctantly take their small bites and eat them. They have trouble holding it


Professor: A winner, huh!

Buttercup: (sheepishly) Um, hmm.

Blossom: (sheepishly) Words can't describe.

Bubbles: (sheepishly) I never tasted anything like it.

Professor: It just needs a few more finishing touches! Thanks, girls!

(The girls fly off. The Professor takes a bite himself.)

Professor: Ah, ha ha! I know what it needs: coffee! (Dumps coffee into chili.)

(Cut to in the girls' room. Buttercup is puking into a trash bin.)

Buttercup: (Breathes out in relief after vomiting) Whoever though it could look better coming out than going in? I'm guessing the Professor isn't going to win this year.

(Cut out to all three girls in their room. Blossom holds the other end of Buttercup's trash can, presumably vomiting as well. Bubbles is sitting on the floor with her face down in pain.)

Blossom: We're going to have to tell him the truth.

Bubbles: We can't do that! He has to win! Remember what happened last year?

(Flashback to the Professor weeping on his bed, with the girls noticing)

Professor: (sobbing) Why me? (Cut to the House, which is covered in biohazard

tape, and has several people in Hazmat suits disinfecting the house) WHY ME?

(Cut back from flashback)

Blossom: Yep. He has to win.

Bubbles: But how?

(Fade to Professor in his bed)

Narrator: Later that night...

Professor: It still needs something. Something... extra special.

(The Professor turns off the light, then quickly turns it back on happily. He goes to grab

a bottle of Chemical X goes to the chili.)

Professor: Just the tiniest drop will be more than enough! (He adds a drop to the

chili.) Now that's extra special I'm talking about!

(Cut to Professor in bed)

Professor: Sweet dreams, Mr. First Place Chili Chef of the Year. (Turns off light


(Blossom then wakes up. She adds a drop of Chemical X into the mix.)

Blossom: Just one...

(Buttercup adds another drop.)

Buttercup: ...drop.

(Bubbles adds the last drop.)

Bubbles: Perfect!

(Fade out)

Narrator: That's gonna be one explosive chili, hoo boy!

(Fade to Townsville Park, showing the judges: the Mayor, Ms. Keane, and Ms. Bellum.)

Narrator: Townsville Park is full of excitement, as all of the judges are busy tasting


(Cut to the Professor and the girls, the former of whom is very anxious.)

Professor: Ooh... I can barely take this. I'm so nervous.

Blossom: There's nothing to be nervous about.

Professor: You think so?

Bubbles: I know so.

Buttercup: There's no question.

Professor: (points) Look! I think they're about to try my chili.

(Ms. Keane takes a bite and belches fire.)

Ms. Keane: Ooh! (covers mouth) Now that's pretty extraordinary!

(Ms. Bellum takes a bite and her hair collapses.)

Ms. Bellum: Oh! Very inventive!

(The Mayor takes a bite and gets knocked of his chair, which flips and swirls. He falls onto

the grass, and the spinning stars appear over his head.)

Mayor: Gohhhhhh...

(Ms. Bellum runs toward him and picks him up.)

Ms. Bellum: Are you okay, Mayor?

Mayor: I am now... That chili packs a powerful punch! (Points finger) I declare the

new winner of the Second Annual Townsville Chili Cook-off: Professor Utonium.

(Show Professor, holding is trophy proudly, next to the judges. The audience, which

includes the girls, cheers.)

Mayor: Free winning chili for everyone!

Professor: I'm so verklempt!

Girls: We knew you could do it, Professor!

Blossom: (points) And look!

(Cut to Mayor behind a stand, giving the winning chili, and holding a pickle.)

Mayor: Professor Utonium's chili! Try it with a pickle!

Blossom: Everyone's clamoring for a bowl of your number one chili!

Bubbles: You really did it this time, Professor!

Narrator: (admonishing tone) You don't say...

(Cut to the House, then show a trophy rack. The Professor replaces a Nobel Prize with his

chili trophy)

Professor: Ho. Me! The winner! What a gas!

(Professors stomach rumbles)

Professor: Uh-oh.

(Cut to Bubbles putting on her nighttime clothes. Her stomach rumbles as well.)

Bubbles: Ugh. Professor's chili sure is rumbly in my tumbly.

(Show the other two girls. Buttercup has a reaction of disgust, and Blossom has one of

confusion. Cut to in the Mayor's bedroom, he is in bed with his wife. His stomach once

again rumbles.)

Mayor: My! The sheets are unusually toasty!

(Cut to Ms. Bellum in her kitchen, and her stomach rumbles. She grabs a block of cheese

from the counter and cuts a piece. She "cuts the cheese," if you will.)

Ms. Bellum: Aah!

(Cut to Ms. Keane at a gas station, filling up her car, and her stomach rumbles. She

receives a can of gas.)

Ms. Keane: Aah!

(Cut to an overweight man's house. His stomach rumbles, and he turns the other way. Zoom

out to see an owl on a tree.)

Overweight man: Aah!

(Cut to a man at a bus station. His stomach rumbles and we hear what sounds like a fart

sound. Pan out to show a guy with a tuba.)

Man at bus station: Aah!

(Cut to dogs playing poker. We hear another sound that sounds like a fart sound. Three of

the dogs immediately turn toward the rightmost dog. We hear the sound again and it shows a

man sleeping.)

Dog: He did it!

(The man, annoyed, goes back to sleep. Cut to the House, which has stink lines emerging

from it as well of the other houses on the block and buildings in the city. Stink lines are

shown navigating into a storm drain. The drain glows and we hear maniacal laughter. Fade out

and cut to the House, then the other houses on the block, then cars driving on the city and

people walking. A man driving a "Doodie Diaper Service" truck follows a stink line and

crashes. A construction worker pats off some sweat, then smell the stink line and falls into

a manhole. Another man smells a stink line and is shown with bloodshot eyes.)

Man: Aggh! The stench! It's unbearable!

(Two garbage men smell a stink line and duck into a garbage bin. Cut to two window washers.

The rightmost one falls down after smelling it, while the leftmost one sniffs it a bit.)

Leftmost window painter: So let me guess: you had cabbage borscht last night for

din... (Zoom out to show Methane Monster. The leftmost window painter panics.) ...agggh!

(Show a crowed of panicked citizens. A woman points to the Methane Monster.)

Woman: Look! It's a methane monster!

(The citizens start panicking and run amok and crash cars. A woman is shown lying down.)

Woman lying down: So... stinky...

(The Methan Monster continues to terrorize the city. Zoom out to show the Mayor.)

Mayor: Oh, darn!

(The Mayor picks up his phone and calls the girls.)

Mayor: Girls! We have a situation of gastronomic proportions!

(Show the girls flying)

Buttercup: What exactly did he say?

Blossom: Some mumbo-jumbo about a monster, revolting stench, I dunno.

Bubbles: Maybe he wasn't talking about that (points away, show the Methane


Buttercup: (Points) That stinky dude? I'll put a cork in him. (flies off)

Blossom: Wait, Buttercup!

(The Methane Monster takes a deep breath and exhales. Buttercup gets caught in the smell,

promptly falls to the ground)

Blossom and Bubbles: Buttercup!

(Buttercup crashes into a wall.)

Buttercup: Ugghh...

Blossom: My turn!

Methane Monster: (Laughs manically)

Blossom: Ha ha! Think you're so funny? Well, I'll really give you something to

laugh about.

(Blossom charges to attack the Methane Monster, but he catches her in his stench.)

Blossom: Oh... my... what the... Shneiky... Ugh, this guy is just nasty.

Bubbles: (is in crowd) Blossom, it's too chaotic! What do we do? Where's Buttercup?

Buttercup: Ugh... did someone call me?

(A man with a nose plug walks in)

Noseplug salesman: What? Hey, whoa! What's all the ruckus? Here I am, just minding my store,

when all of a sudden—Crash! Kaboom! (Zoom out to reveal "Nose Plug Shoppe." Buttercup has

happy expression) Kablooey!

(Show Blossom and Bubbles)

Bubbles: How are we gonna fight him when we can't even get near him?

Buttercup: Look, nose plugs! We're back in business!

Blossom: Let's kick butt!

Bubbles, Buttercup: Kick butt!

(The girls charge to attack the Methane Monster, but go right through him.)

Blossom: Hey!

(The Methane Monster reforms his shape)

Methane Monster: (laughs maniacally)

Buttercup: Our physical force is useless!

Blossom: Let's blow him away!

(The girls blow at the monster. It seems to work.)

Girls: We did it!

(They become shocked when they realized they have not stopped the monster. The Methane

Monster has turned into several mini-monsters, which then combine.)

Buttercup: Plan C, anyone?

Bubbles: I know! Let's suck him in!

(They suck the monster in, but get queasy and cough him out.)

Buttercup: That was so wrong!

Bubbles: My bad.

(The Methane Monster regains his shape, and smugly crosses his arms.)

Bubbles: He's indestructable!

Buttercup: Let's face it! We're no match for that Methane Monster!

Blossom: (optimistically) That's it! Hold your noses, I'll be right back!

Narrator: Where is Blossom going? (Blossom has giant match) What's this? Why, it's a giant

match, of course!

Buttercup: Wow, where did you get that giant match?

Blossom: Same place I got the giant jar, silly! Episode 2, season 1; remember?

Bubbles: But Blossom, you should never play with fire!

Blossom: I know, just watch!

(Blossom lights match with a building.)

Blossom: Combustion from the match will alter his molecular makeup.

Methane Monster: Ugh... uggh...

(The monster is sucked in the match)

Blossom: We did it!

Citizens of Townsville: (cheering)

(Cut to hippie selling patchuoli oil)

Hippie: Townsville is stink free man, yeah. (Sticks out arm with each word.)

(Cut to the House, then show in bed where the Professor is weeping.)

Bubbles: Gee, Professor. We're really sorry you were disqualified from the chili contest.

Professor: (blows nose twice)

Blossom: Yeah. We feel partly responsible. Who knew all that Chemical X would have such

disastrous results?

Professor: (blows nose again, then cheers up) Oh, girls. It's okay. I'll get over it.

Buttercup: That's the spirit, Professor. There'll be other contests for you to enter.

Professor: (grabs newspaper) Oh, I know. There already is one. (Newspaper says: "3rd Annual

Townsville Limburger Festival") I can't wait!

Narrator: Limburger festival?

(The girls are briefly shown reviling in disgust.)

Girls: Yuck!

(standard end shot)

Narrator: Oh, cheese, Professor! You cheddar quit now if you know what's gouda

for ya. And so once again the day is saved, thanks to... The Powerpuff Girls!

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